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Hi friends, so I haven’t blogged in a week or so because it’s the time of the year where I get sick for what feels like ever. A week ago I had asked you to send me travel questions, if any, on an Instagram story. I was surprised to see how many of you responded, so thank you tons for always being A1 with me. Most of you had similar questions so I compiled them and the answers are below. If any of you have ANY questions or don’t see yours here, please comment below.
1. As a college student, I struggle with traveling to places. What recommendation do you have to get the best cheapest flights and hotels? Any websites in particular?
I struggled too, because 80% of the time I wanted to quit college and just travel. Haha. Honestly, cheap flights go on sale on Tuesday. Cheapest time to flight is on Wednesdays. Before, I used to use all the websites you can think of, but I only use two now. Google/flights or Skyscanner. MY GO TO’S. As far as hotels, I book everything with Booking or Airbnb (but it also depends where you are going).
2. California info! I’m going to cali in July and I would like to know good places to visit, good eats and good places to stay (hotels/airbnb)
Hi there! You know, going to California is one my favorite things to do. I have actually covered California in a previous post. You can visit here.
3. Good idea on buying a one-way ticket somewhere? Or better off just booking round trip?
Let me give you a tip. Sometimes when you search for flights and it may seem a little too expensive – search for the flights individually, sometimes they can be found cheaper if bought separate. My go-to websites are Google/flights or Skyscanner.
4. Best top three rolling carry ons?
I carry an army bag in my travels. You can find them for the low-low in amazon or ebay. However, recently I’m all about calpak luggage. They are a little over the budget, but they’re durable.
5. What is the best rooftop brunch spot in NYC?
THERE ARE SO MANY. I’ve been to NYC close to 15 times and I’ve yet explore the city altogether. It almost feels like they’re opening new spots every day. I have a blog spot dedicated to NY here.
6. What are some recommendations for people who are traveling alone for the first time?
If you’re thinking about it. YOU ARE A BOSS. I’ve never carried any “protection on me,” to be honest with you. However, make sure you carry battery packs incase your phone runs out of battery. Look around everywhere you go and I mean everywhere. Specially if you’re female, I can’t tell you how scary it is, but don’t let the fear keep you from playing the game. You have to have all your senses on high alert 24/7. Traveling alone is rewarding, so as long as you are cautious. I like to send my friends and family members my location no matter where I am or time. I did it when I went to Paris, I sent my mom my location for 24 hours. It’s the little things.
7. Going to New York on a Budget?
I’m really considering of doing a free guide for NY… would you be interested? If so, let me know below. For now, NY here.
8. How do you get fund to travel so much?
I work, work, work and save, save, save. No but seriously.
Thank you all for all your questions.

(Disclaimer: wearing all Forever 21)

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