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The other day during one of my hardcore searches on the internet, and by hardcore I mean scrolling through pictures on Pinterest for hours and hours, I came across possibly the ultimate quote I’ve ever read. It said,

“Hey girl, it doesn’t happen overnight. Keep going okay.”

And I freaked out. I was almost sure it was posted so I could read it, because I’ve been feeling so discouraged and motivation-less that I thought I’d give my two cents here.
As you know, and in case you didn’t, I do a kind of marketing… you know a big girls job from the corporate life, but I have so many things I want to accomplish besides that. Like growing this blog, for example, giving you guys more content to read. Then it got me thinking how can we (yeah you too) accomplish this? And it’s in the quote – we have to keep going!
And I know it may sound silly, but I hope if you’re reading this and you’re in a place, like me, where you feel stuck, know that all you have to do is keep going. Whether you want to accomplish your fitness goal by the beginning of summer or start a new hobby lets not quit when things seem to go south or when you don’t see a solution to a problem. Do what I’ve been doing… sleep on it. Put some rest on it and tackle it the next day with your mind and body fresh and well rested.
And if by any chance none of that works follow this list of things to keep you motivated:

Go for a run.

There’s nothing like good jog around the block. Take me serious. If you own a fur baby, take your dog with you around the block. Sawyer loves these. When we go outside for absolutely no reason. Haha!

Take a drive.

This may sound odd, but I love nothing more than driving my car listening to music. I may or may not have taken this habit from Brook in One Tree Hill, but I do this one often. I always end up in Starbucks, but that’s besides the point right?


Write it down.

This one is probably the best. I’m doing it right now as I type this. If you’re feeling ‘UGH!’ write it down! If you need to throw away the paper, do it! Just let whatever is discouraging you out of your system. I promise you’ll feel better. The important part is to chase the dream.
I think the worse damage or setback that I go through is comparing my own goals & achievements to others level of success. So instead of feeling discouraged, I’ve decided to move forward.

What’s the worse? We fail? We try again and again. The point is not to quit.

Photos by This is Seba and Outfit all from Fashion Nova, for 15% off use XOJCAS
If you have any other tips you want to share, please do so. Until next post, xoxo

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