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I can’t believe it’s already May. Where is time going? And why is it in such a hurry? I think I’ve asked myself these two insignificant questions yet significant questions over and over all of April. I didn’t post much in all of April because I want to start new and fresh this month. Make a routine of this lovely blog life to keep you guys motivated and to keep myself going. You’d be surprised how much we often stay stranded because we don’t find the motivation to move forward. I think we need to strip ourselves from this starting today and focus all our energies into what’s ahead. There have been a few reminders lately that life is so short and we have to take advantage of every minute of every day. I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but I smell the fresh scent of spring and summer; the ocean breeze tangling my hair, the warm sun toasting my skin into a caramel color, and the sand brushing against my skin. What a time to be alive my friends! Cherish these moments for they are not to be taken for granted. So with this small positive note, I leave you today as we start together the beginning of May.To bring my spring/summer vision alive, I got a few pieces from Tobi. I like to wear vibrant rompers when I’m going to the beach or going out to brunch with my peeps. Which lately, I’ve been doing quite a bit. I am so excited for summer vacations though, can you tell? Is it noticeable I’m ready for my next vacay wearing these outfits? Because I can’t wait to take you along, seriously, I want to spill the beans, but I promised myself I was going to surprise you this time for sure. If you’re subscribed to my blog, you’ll be receiving the location a few days in advance, so you can jump into my suitcase and come along!

If you love the looks, you can find outfit 1 here and outfit 2 here. I love shopping at Tobi mainly because it’s affordable and they offer their new gals 50% their first buy.

well i’m signing off, until next time. xoxo

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