Are we really planning our Christmas decor already? *cough cough* YES, we are!

Since moving out on my own back in 2016, I have been loving the Christmas season because I get to decorate my home to my liking. I know it’s almost everyone’s dream to decorate their own home, I know it! Back in high school (lol) before we had Pinterest, I would create scrapbook mood-boards and vision boards inspired by all the things I wanted to do.

I also remember making a list of all the things I wanted to do for each holiday when I first moved out. I wanted to host Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Christmas… you name it! Since my first move was to Tampa, FL, and all my friends/family members lived a long 4-hour drive from me, it was tough to get everyone together during the holidays. So I always resorted to virtual celebrations before driving back to Miami to celebrate in person and tried to make sure that even though the family was a bit far from me, I still kept the Christmas holiday spirit alive in my own home. I did this for the 3 1/2 years I lived in Harbour Island, Tampa.

In the first year (end of 2016) I decorated my house with a Home Alone theme. It was the perfect theme for me that year because of the changes like a new city, a new home, and the new pup. Ah, so many memories of my first Christmas make this year bittersweet. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that this will be my 5th one living on my own. It’s crazy how quickly time passes, right?

Today, besides sharing old photos from my camera roll, I wanted to share with you 10 themes that you can use to decorate your homes as inspiration to gift wrap your presents.

I know this year is not what we all expected, but I’m determined to make this Christmas one I won’t forget, especially because my 2019 Christmas was spent moving back home to Miami with a struggling house under construction (and yes, maybe I should have taken that as a sign for 2020).

anyway, don’t be shy to add more themes that you’ve done in the past to this list in the comments,

The more the merrier!

10 Christmas Themes to Spark Joy!:

  • Home Alone (2016)
  • Harry Potter
  • Winter Wonderland (2017)
  • Christmas Around the World
  • The Grinch (I almost did this one this year!)
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Nightmare before Christmas
  • Back to the Future
  • Polar Express
  • Charlie Brown (2018 theme)

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