Anyone else missing the outside world? I’m not leaving my home much these days. When I do, I fully enjoy my target runs, the smell of peaches in the fruit section of Trader Joes, carpooling with my friends to whole foods, and occasionally the loud horn from the car behind me with a loud reminder that the light turned green and I must go. And just like that, I’m swooped back to reality.

Back home, I’m still keeping myself busy. Just the other day, my brother so graciously hooked it up with his Nintendo switch, which for the record, I’ve been looking for it since the very beginning of quarantine. I have received so many good game recommendations from my peeps over on Instagram that I’m excited. I suspect I’ll be getting lost in the world of animal crossing, right?

While being home, I’ve also been trying out all the skincare products I have stored and even tested different makeup brands as well. I also did a YouTube video following Colourpop’s back to basic skincare routine with over 12 steps! You can look forward to many reviews this year, as they’re coming. I’ve grown very appreciative of a hydrating moisturizer.

For this blog post, I wanted to highlight, my June favorites, a few products & items I absolutely love, and can’t stop wearing and using during these weird times. Some will surprise you, others….not so much.



I’ve realized I’m the queen of staining my clothes. EVEN WHEN IM HOME! I have stained some of my favorites sweaters and tees without noticing. I’ve seen commercials about this little gem, but never bought it, until recently. It’s really a miracle worker. This little Tide Pen has removed coffee, pasta, and sawyer’s dirty paw stains from some of my favorite pieces of clothing. I can’t believe I waited this long to try it. When I’m back on the road traveling, it will be coming with me everywhere I go. (Tide-to-go in Walmart!)


I’ve always been a glasses girl even though I technically don’t need them. I’ve fan girl’d them for a while. I’m on the computer for at least 5 hours daily, so using blue light glasses to protect my vision is a must and these are super cutie. I found them on Amazon and have not stopped using them since. The hoops are from target. I’ve been home for far too long and adding a touch of femininity to my daily life by adding hoops makes me feel like I’m not home for another day. I also think they go so well when I have my hair straight, y’ know the JLO vibes we all want. (Blue Light Glasses in Amazon / Hoops in Target)


Why am I wearing gloss if I have to wear a mask? I dunno. Will I stop wearing it? Absolutely not. This gloss is the perfect pink nude to my lips. This lip combo is my go-to at the moment. It’s so beautiful on the lips, especially the liner. It’s creamy, long-wearing, smooth, and sharpenable. The birthday Suit gloss also has glitter particles that help your lips look fuller and give you that juicy pout we NEED this 2020. I love this brand a ton as you all know. Their products are great quality, affordable, and they’re cruelty/vegan free! Definitely a must-have and it’s my favorite! (glosses here)


I can’t believe that pre-quarantine I wasn’t protecting my hair at all. I had been dying to try this product out. I’ve used Gisou’s hair oil and it’s incredible — from the texture to the smell, the oil is top-notch. So of course, I caved and bought their heat protecting spray and hair primer. Take my money Gisou. The one consistent thing I’ve done this entire year is the upkeep I’ve had with my hair. I still wake up and curl or iron my hair to feeeeeeel something. The primer is amazing to use before you style your hair. It prevents frizz and the ugly dryness you’ll get after a shower as well. I’ve noticed that when I do curl my hair it does hold the curls longer if I apply an even layer before curling it. The heat protection spray is also great to use during or after styling your hair. I’ve been using it quite a bit since I got it and I LOVE IT! Would I recommend it for the crazy price? Eh… not really. I think Garnier also has affordable dupes that you can purchase for less. (primer/heat protecting spray)


How did I not know of this product before? This face mask is unbelievable and you don’t have to use it every single day. Once a week is enough. I apply this mask every Sunday and I’ve noticed the difference it has done on my skin. I get why it’s so popular. This mask serves like an at-home facial (and I’m not complaining given our current status in 2020) with benefits like minimizing pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. The claim here is your face will be smoother than a baby’s butt… and I don’t know what to think of that, all I can say is my face is smooth and brighter after using this gem. I may have found the perfect mask to kill all my dead skin cells. Take that 2020! So the point is, I highly recommend it. (facial mask)


I am a huge scrunchies girl, I love them all. I received this beautiful millennial pink-nude scrunchie from the brand Chelsea King, and I’ve worn it a lot when I do an updo bun with it because it adds a “messy” cool girl next door look. Y’know what I mean? Besides that, I’ve been using these Kristin Ess rose gold clips to style my hair or pin it once it’s already styled. I also love that they’re rose gold and it goes with everything. I got these at Target in one of my target runs. (scrunchie/clips from target)

What about you, any favorite hair or skincare product you’re loving? Be sure to share them below. I also hope you enjoyed this diary-style blog. If you haven’t watched my latest videos, be sure to watch my 12-step skincare routine or my review on the microfiber sponge. And now, I’m going to keep laying in my bed listening to the loud thunder right outside of my bedroom (shout-out to Miami summers) and watching Zac Efron’s Down to Earth docu-series in Netflix.. ha, till next time! xx

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