knock knock… who is it? Summer – OOTD

Am I the only one excited for Summer?

I’m only about a week or so away from my last spring break as an undergrad. It’s kind of…maybe…insane to think that we are already 3 months into the year. I haven’t given much thought about where I’m headed to this year for SB, but I can definitely share with you what kind of apparel I’ll be wearing.

I’ve been digging the off-the-shoulder dresses and shirts. COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH THIS. So 90’s right? I’m super obsessed with this cute denim off-the-shoulder dress I bought at Forever21. On my last visit to LA, I wore this dress and another similar off-the-shoulder floral dress as well (Also f21). I can never persuade you enough to wear what fits your body and what makes you feel comfortable. I stress this a lot, I know! Truth be told, if you don’t like how you feel in your clothes, you won’t be happy and confident. Us girls change outfits before we walk out of the door about a million times. I’m so guilty of this. If I’m supposed to meet with someone, I will straight up tell them I’m on my way while changing into outfit number 3 because the last 2 didn’t cut it for me. The beauty of dresses is that they look good no matter what. There are plenty of options and styles in dresses too. I’ve never been a fan of long maxi dresses; I’m cool with right below the knees or up to the knees. These two are my top favorite right now. I will definitely wear them out this summer, for sure.

Any travel plans?

All I can think about is the sweet tan I’ll be getting here in Miami, the warm beaches I’ll be swimming in, and the pina coladas & mimosas I’ll be sipping while reading my books this summer.

Where is the time machine when you need one? Where?

Both dresses are from Forever21 (DENIM NO LONGER AVAILABLE), but the floral dress is here.
Shades are also Forever21 found here.

Signing off now, xoxo

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