24 hours in Vancouver

If this is the first time you’re reading about my travels, you need to go back to this trip, so you can understand why my friends and I get together once or twice a year and travel to a new place. If you want to learn a few tips and tricks on how we do it, our budget, and the planning process you can visit @ourtravelersguide on Instagram or ourtravelersguide website for more details.

Earlier this year, we decided we were going to do a road trip, but we knew we wanted to fly somewhere as well. None of us had been to the Pacific Northwest in America, and after exploring the internet and Instagram scouting locations to visit we were certain Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver (being that they are only 2 hours away from each other) were the pick.
The Pacific Northwest is always cold. No matter what time of the year, sweaters and snow gear are going to be part of your travel attire. We weren’t picky when it came to choosing a time of the year to visit, we knew November was perfect – It was cold enough to layer up, but comfortable to hike and climb. We only had about 5 days to visit all 3 cities.
We started from Portland and I have posted everything about PDX on a previous post here. We were there for exactly 24 hours. We drove the Pacific Northwest highway 5 straight to Mt. Rainier, where we hiked and climbed the mountains. I have posted everything about Seattle here. After spending 3 days in Seattle, we decided to complete our road trip by heading to Vancouver, which is only about 3 hours away from Seattle. What I loved most about this part of the trip was the scenic views.
Vancouver is filled with bridges. Downtown looked like it was taken from New York and placed in the middle of the mountains. There is definitely a lot to see, but out of the little time we had we decided to visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

I know you must hear stories or jokes about how sweet and nice Canadians are, but I have to share this story with you. My friend Rachel lost her wallet at Urban Café with cash, IDs, and credit cards. We called them back when we got to Seattle to see if they had found it and somehow return it back to her. A gentleman that picked up the phone did the best he could and told Rachel not give up that he was going to check the entire restaurant for the wallet. He was unsuccessful. Four weeks later, Rachel got a call from a Canadian number, and when she answered it was an employee from Urban Café who found her wallet where she was seating. She told Rachel she contacted the FL department to get her number to be able to contact her to return the wallet. Long story short, the wallet was returned back to Rachel with everything inside including the cash. I couldn’t believe it. It’s nice to know that kindness remains a universal language.
So if you visit Canada… visit Vancouver… visit Urban Café.

Sure, you can have my jo
Coffee was everything and more during this trip
everyone and their jo
frozen leaves

All the pictures were taken with Sony Alpha 6000, iphone 6s, and Ollo-Clips. You can purchase everything here and here

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