Life Update: Travel, Love, and to New Beginnings!

It feels like forever since we last caught up, doesn’t it? The world has changed so much since my last blog post, and I’ve been itching to share all the updates with you.

It’s been over a year since I hit pause on the blog, but I’ve missed it dearly. When I first started, I was a 23-year-old navigating life from my Tampa apartment. Now, as I sit down to write this, I’m almost 32, with a world of experiences behind me.

If you’ve been following my journey from Tampa to Miami, you’ll understand the rollercoaster ride I’ve been on. Miami’s popularity drove my rent through the roof, but fate smiled upon me when I stumbled on my dream condo. The story of how I found it feels like a miracle, and I couldn’t resist sharing it on TikTok.


i lost my apartment in miami #part1 #livinginmiami #miamidailyvlog #miamivlogs #miami #miamirealestate @chasingcarpediem

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Let me give you a peek into my little slice of paradise. Decorating and transforming my condo into the seaside vacation home of my dreams has been a labor of love.

Of course, my wanderlust heart hasn’t waned during my hiatus. I’ve traveled the globe, from Denver during a snowstorm to cruising on the Wonder of the Seas with Royal Caribbean. From Paris to Palm Springs for Coachella, and back to Italy with friends, the adventures have been endless. Amsterdam, with its charm, remains a favorite.

Amidst the whirlwind, my furry babies Sawyer and Kai have been my loyal companions. Watching them age fills me with joy and a hint of sadness, especially after how quickly time has passed in just a few years since 2020.

Turning 30 was a milestone celebrated in the company of some of my best friends on a remote island near Honduras. Little did I know that blowing out those candles would set the stage for a monumental shift in my life.

Between you and me, my birthday wish for love came true sooner than I expected. Seven years of singlehood had prepared me to welcome someone special into my life, and fate intervened during a trip to Puerto Rico.

I shared how we met on Tiktok, of course!


Replying to @beige_peach this is our story 🤍 (thank you franny for inviting me on this trip! ILY!)

♬ original sound – jocelyn

Enter the whirlwind romance that has taken me from New York to Mexico and beyond. Backpacking through Europe together tested the limits of our relationship in the best way possible, but also deepened our bond. Switzerland, with its breathtaking vistas, provided the backdrop for unforgettable moments.

As I turned 31, I couldn’t resist and gave my inner teenage self a trip to Washington State to immerse myself in all things Twilight. It was a nostalgic journey that felt like stepping into the pages of the same love story I fell for so many years ago.


Whenever the weather is nice, the cullens disappear 🤍 so no Edward in sight but Forks, Washington was a dream! #twilightroadtrip #forkswashington #twilight @ToyotaUSA #ToyotaPartner #Highlander

♬ som original – nat

I know I owe you countless itineraries, and rest assured, they’re in the works. Every detail of my adventures has been meticulously documented for your enjoyment because it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t want you to relive these moments on your own as well!

I’ve missed our virtual rendezvous amiga, and I’m thrilled to be back. Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks to come. Until then, safe travels and see you next week for another blog post!

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