When your friends randomly ask you if you want to go to London, the answer is yes! I had London in my bucket-list for a while and I don’t know why I took this long to visit the city. London has so much history, from Shakespeare’s Globe theater, where Romeo and Juliet was first performed, to The Beatles iconic Abbey Road album cover shot outside out Abbey Studios.

I always thought of London as ‘expensive’ and a little ‘overpriced’ but to my surprise, it’s almost the same as traveling to any other city in Europe. For a few years, their currency was a lot higher than ours in the US (dollasss!), but it has since dropped significantly that you’re able to afford traveling to London without having to break the bank.

I’m very loyal to the apps I use when I travel, liked Hotel Tonight, and have never been a ‘deals’ kind of girl. I don’t ever search for them because I felt like I could find it cheaper if I find hotel and flights on my own. I can now thank my friends for finding us this deal of $900 total for hotel and flight roundtrip through Expedia on a 4th of July weekend! So I can recommend this to you now, look into holiday deals that include both hotel and flight, but always double check the flight and hotel separately to be sure you’re getting the best offer. A lot of websites now, like BOOKING, are actually matching prices with each other to offer you the best price!

So okay, back to London. I had a blast and I want to go back to get to know more of the local areas. I stayed in Shoreditch and it’s super hip. In the morning it was a bit empty, but around the afternoon to the night the streets were crowded of people going to bars and restaurants. I loved one called BarBox, built out of containers with shops and restaurants on the first and second floor. I think it’s THE SPOT to hang out right now as I had to make a line to get it.

If you’re planning to visit, here are my favorites places:

  1. London Eye – cutest for photos on Instagram, I loved it!
  2. Shakespeare Globe Theater – They have hourly tours and also plays that vary per season.
  3. Cadem Market – The cutest market ever, lots of restaurants, shops, pubs, and souvenirs stores as well.
  4. Shoreditch – Highly recommend a stay in this area. I loved the neighborhood, it was not scary at all and very very friendly. It reminded me of soho in NY.
  5. The Book Club – A delicious breakfast spot in Shoreditch, highly recommend their scramble eggs.
  6. The Breakfast Club – if you’re into pancakes, this is the spot for you!! 
  7. Abbey Road Studios – For my Beatles fans out there, a total recommendation, this place was incredible. I crossed the street, signed my name on the wall, and visited the shop of all things Beatle. Fun fact, there is a coffee shop a few blocks from here called The Beatles Coffee shop. Tiny little thing, but if you’re a fan you’ll appreciate it.
  8. Eat Genesis – One of the most instagrammable breakfast spots in London. It is really popular but also vegan, so only go here if you’re into this kind of food.
  9. Hyde Park – absolutely loved visiting this park. Extremely quiet and peaceful but very much like Central Park in NY.
  10. Oxford Street – if you’re into shopping and walking around like you’re in a city, you’ll love this area.


  • A backpack 
  • An Oyster Tube Card (make sure you purchase this to use their train system)
  • Waaaaaalking shoes like sneakers (trust me!)

Thanks for reading. Give a heart if you loved it. Xx

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