a miami travel tip..

I am not IN LOVE with my city and I feel that’s pretty shady to say. But, I do love it in my own way. Growing up here has taught me that Cuban coffee is the best coffee on the planet, South Beach is one of the warmest beaches in all of the sea, and most importantly good croquetas only exist in Miami. As a local, I have my favorite spots that I visit at least twice a month or maybe more.

Whenever I find myself stressed out and want to run a bit to relieve it, I visit #KeyBiscayneBridge to run with a view. On a Sunday morning, if I am hitting the beach but I want to cool myself with some promising lemonade, I drive to Kennedy Park in Coral Gables for #AC’s Icee. Sometimes when I am off my wagon and want to have a delicious cheat meal, I have two places that I die for – @pinchofactory (for burgers) and @lostandfoundsaloon305 (for wings). If I am craving sweets, which happens more than once a month, I love to visit #LadureeMiami in Lincoln Rd for Macaroons!

Of course, not everyone can take advantage of my current Miami favorites, but if you do find yourself traveling to Miami don’t hesitate to add these to your itinerary. You won’t regret it.

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  1. Love, love, love! Where did you get your shoes from the instgram post "sunday morning.." They were gorgeous!

    Always a pleasure,


    1. Hi B,

      I got those in spain 🙁 but I found some cute ones in Tobi.com similar to those. Check them out :)) see you on my next post!