There’s no doubt on my mind that traffic in Miami is just terrible. I know so many of you would agree with me. I’ve lived in Miami for a very long time and there’s no change to this horrific traffic. Until recently, when I was introduced to Brightline. I had no idea what this new train system meant for us in the city. So little of us who live or travel to Miami use public transportation. Sure, it’s there and, yes it’s affordable, but we often refuse to let go of our vehicles (or of the control) and drive even if it means that we’ll be in our cars for hours and hours.

I absolutely loved using Brightline to get to Fort Lauderdale and I did enjoy a few hours of my day in the city that would normally take me about an hour to get to. Using Brightline, I was in Ft. Lauderdale in half the time. The passes cost between $15-$30, but you can always opt in for an annual pass.

What’s most exciting is that soon they’ll be connecting this amazing transportation all the way to Orlando… and I’ve even heard rumors about Tampa. Take it from someone who hates the 4-hour drive I take to visit Miami. This will completely change the game for us Floridians.

During my trip to Ft. Lauderdale, I even enjoyed brunch at Shooters Waterfront for some fresh oysters and delicious food! I’ve been obsessing about oysters lately you guys, I don’t know how to stop! If I’m eating out at a restaurant known for fish… you know what I’m going to get…

But anyways, I do love Brightline, specially for the weekends! Little Family road trips to other parts of South FL while avoiding the horrific traffic is a win/win in my books! Have any of you considered it?

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