Before writing this post, I was searching for Disney annual passes. Yep, me the adventure go-getter looking to spend my free weekends in Disney hopping from one park to the next. I’ve had so many friends suggest I get the annual pass for quite some time now, but I simply refused and never did listen. Last weekend, it all changed. It took me less than 24 hours in Disney Parks to realize how much I wanted more time inside the parks. I was only able to visit Epcot when I had access to all 4… so imagine my frustration.

I felt like such a child and I want more of that fun. I want to ride all the rides over and over again until they kick me out for being annoying (lol!) and I want to eat as many dipping dots as my belly can take.

I want Disney.

I think for the most part what stops adults (21+) from going to Disney for a weekend once every few months or once a year is the fact that there isn’t A LOT to do in Orlando when the sun goes down. Sure, we can hop from one park to the next and that’s all fun, but what if we want something else? For me, it was the empty google search of “what to do in Orlando” when it came to the nightlife. So let me tell you how it all has changed.

There’s quite the fuzz in Downtown Disney. It doesn’t look remotely close to what I remember after all the renovations they’ve done to what is now Disney Springs, and a little birdie told me there’s a lot more coming.

So you, millennial, if you keep going to Disney Parks and are staying inside the hotel doing absolutely nothing (okay… maybe you’re resting) head over to Disney Springs and enjoy the nightlife. Below, find a couple of restaurants I was able to visit all thanks to my friends over at Disney.

*A little back story: My Disney friends were so kind to invite me to try a different drink at all of these locations… I couldn’t pass my third one. Am I getting old? I think Walt would be so disappointed in me*


  • Disney Parks: Get yourself the park hopper or purchase the annual pass (there are so many options here!)
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Animal Kingdom (the world of avatar is here!)
  • Epcot (mostly for adult drinking and not many rides…not my fav)
  • Hollywood Studios

You may want to go for a weekend and do 2-parks-a-day so that you can enjoy them in full.


  • Disney Springs: You may want to grab some dinner or go for a little dancing OR SHOPPING!
  • The Edison (you must start here!)
  • Maria & Enzo’s Hideaway
  • Pizza Ponte
  • Morimoto Asia (my favorite)
  • Vivoli ii Gelato (this one is just for a guilty pleasure)
  • Boat House

There’s really so much to do in this little piece of Disney and Orlando overall. I had a total blast myself and cannot wait till I go back.


There’s a lot of shopping that can be done in Disney Springs, especially for gifting!

*This post has been sponsored by Disney Springs, but all opinions are my own. I value the integrity and truth of my blog*

Do any of you have the annual pass? what do you think? is it worth all the buzz? TELL ME!!

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