I know traveling has become very popular as we continue to share our adventures on our socials. What’s exciting is that before Instagram, we didn’t know these places existed. Sure, we knew about Seattle, but not about all the hidden gems that the city does have. On my recent trip to Seattle, I fell in love with it all over again. There’s so much to see and take photos of, which is why I put together this post. So that next time you’re in Seattle, you’ll know exactly where to go when it comes to getting the perfect instagrammable moment.


This charming hotel is everything! It used to be the tallest hotel when it first opened in 1929 as the Roosevelt Hotel, but now with its new modern look, it’s become a highlight to the city. I love the originality and the stylish aesthetics of it. I stayed here during my visit and I absolutely loved it. The hotel offers luxury from the minute you walk in at a fair price per night. The rooms are decorated museum style giving you a hand-crafted experience of Seattle. Starting with their modern and chic decor of bathrooms and bathtubs, both in separate rooms, providing you space when traveling with companions. The hotel is centrally located in downtown just a few walking minutes away from Pike Market and Gum Wall.

You can eat, stay, valet when staying at Hotel Theodore as they offer complimentary valet parking and overnight rates at low a cost. What I loved even more of the hotel is their ‘aperitivo happy hour’. They host the guests for an evening of drinks and social time (ask front-desk for the times as they may change!). If you’ve never been to the Pacific North West, you may not know this but they do have some of the best dishes ever and the Rider (Hotel Theodore’s Restaurant) has a handcrafted cuisine and happy hour time you cannot miss. Another gem is the MADE coffee shop in the lobby. Seattle is huge on coffee (they do have the first-ever Starbucks) and so of course, the hotel offers the cutest street-level cafe. I had a few cups of Jo before exploring the city and it was a good kick-starter to my day.

If you’re looking for a summer stay, don’t look any further this hotel is perfect for family travels, girls trip, or a trip by yourself if you’re risky and want to explore the PNW on your own. Here’s a full room tour of the hotel’s superior room.


What is there not to love about this market? There’s everything you can imagine and it should be the highlight of your trip when visiting Seattle. It’s hard to miss it in Downtown as it is a very popular attraction. It’s busy the entire day so just enjoy and snap photos even if it’s crowded. I love eating at El Borracho Taqueria next to the Market for some delicious Mexican food before exploring.


At first, I was all into the wall when I first visited Seattle, but now… well… I think it’s a little yucky but still, it’s a huge attraction and you can get creative with all the colorful gum stuck on the wall.


The fact that Seattle (basically) invited coffee… well, you have to visit the first Starbucks everrrrrrr! It’s a must! There are tons of different kinds of Starbucks in the city, but I highly recommend you visit this small little gem. It’s where everything started and it’s inspiring to think this small coffee shop is now all over the world (literally).

SPACE NEEDLE: $27.50 – $37.50

You can’t visit Seattle and not check out the space needle. If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan (tv show) you know that every show starts with the space needle and trust me, being at the very top of the needle is probably the coolest thing in Seattle. There are steps where it’s all glass and you’re basically walking on top of the city. If this is not your first time in Seattle, I wouldn’t do it again, but definitely walking outside the needle and snapping a cool photo is fun too!


A lot of people know about the troll and why it’s so special to come and visit this neighborhood. How many of you remember Heath Ledger? Or better yet… how many of you watched 10 Things I Hate About You? Growing up in the early 2000s this movie was everything all the teenagers were talking about. It’s really one of the best movies ever when it comes to romantic comedies. The troll was in one of the scenes and so it’s become very famous and you’ll always find locals and tourist snapping a photo. The actor Heath Ledger has passed, but this troll definitely symbolizes this funny romantic love story between two knuckleheads.


I’m recommending this place last because it’s my favorite. Although the city is super cool to photograph there’s nothing like going out to the mountains and doing a hike. I’ve previously done the hike before and it’s so rewarding to get to the top of the ledge! This time around we got a snowfall and it made the experience even more beautiful. The lake was filled and the snow was falling… I mean truly perfection. If you’ve never done a hike before and it’s not your thing, but want to try it, I suggest you start here. This hike is easy if you walk at a moderate pace. Let me know if you do it!


  • Bacco Cafe: Delicious for breakfast and very popular with the locals.
  • Japonesa: If you’re into Sushi definitely a must try. I went for dinner and I had to wait a little bit so I suggest you make reservations before going.
  • Hotel Max Wall “Seattle doesn’t settle”: I love graffiti and maybe I always try finding cool walls to take photos of and this one was very cool!
  • Moore Coffee Shop: In true Seattle fashion, coffee is a must. This coffee shop decorates your lattes very artistically.
  • Salt & Straw: I scream for ice scream! This is a must try!
  • Kerry Park: This park has been in so many movies that it’s become very popular. I love how you can oversee the city from the park, so if you want to snap a photo of Seattle and the mountains, definitely make a stop.
  • UP House: If you remember the movie UP from Disney and you didn’t know it was based on a true story, totally check out the little home in Seattle.

*This post has been sponsored by Chevrolet although all my opinions are my own*

During my trip, I got the chance to drive the Chevrolet Traverse and it’s a dream car for a family vacation. The most impressive part of the car was the rear view mirror camera that detected all the mobilities of the vehicle from a camera attached to the bumper. It was impressive. The vehicle rode smoothly and provided all the safety with the high tech installed. It was gas efficient even though I drove it to the mountains, it did not consume as much gas as I expected. I loved how smooth it drove in the snow and how I was able to control the navigation in the snow with hill assistance. Highly recommend for anyone traveling on a summer vacation with a big family.

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