At age twenty-five I am still playing dress up and make up. I am not one to determine what patterns go best with what or which goes first the primer or the moisturizer? So when I got over one hundred DMs on my Instagram asking me about my outfit (this outfit in specific). I’d like to think I’ve reached some type of personal style and that I may count this as a successful day as an adult.

I sometimes follow trends – sometimes not so much. 

I wanted to share the deets of this outfit since it’s been so highly requested. To be honest, this dress was purchased a few hours before I put it on. I was heading over to a lunch with the team at Boxycharm and I ran out of clothes in my luggage. I actually no longer wait for ‘special occasions’ to wear anything I buy. Both the shoes and the handbag are handmade from a small town called Masaya, Nicaragua (I recently uploaded a travel diary about my visit!). I’ve found similar shoes & handbags in stores like Steve Madden (a bit over priced for me since these shoes cost me $5), Asos, Forever 21, and FaithFull The Brand.

I am a huge fan of summer dresses as you already know and by the looks of it, it appears as though most of you are too!

PS. I still haven’t figured out my travel plans. I’ll update on this soon. xx

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