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Let me take a second to breath. Wow. Am I really welcoming you to my home two months later? SO typical of me. I’m kind of adjusting to life on my own UNTIL now, so you haven’t missed much to be honest.

I travel waaaaaaay more now than before.So, Let’s play catch up. I accepted a job offer to do marketing for a corporation, moved miles and miles away from home, got myself a delightful little puppy, a one bedroom apartment, and well that’s pretty much it for now.

I had been dreaming, literally dreaming of the day I would move out on my own. Even more if it meant I’d be moving to another city.

Let me tell you, it’s not easy. I had been preparing myself for this moment for years, but you’re never ready for an adjustment like this one. Specially being a girl living out on my own, it’s not as easy as you think.

But I love my loft. It was the first one I saw and the last one I cared to see. I just knew walking in that it was home. This feeling is so important, I know it may sound silly, but if you don’t feel this hunch, turn around.

I particularly don’t feel the hunch for the city I’m in. Although I am only four hours away from my hometown, it’s completely different. I’m already looking into other areas where I would be moving to, but for now this is home, so welcome.

Moving out is something that is bound to happen as we get older. I mean, we can’t live with our parents forever right? I knew I wanted to move out of Miami since my freshman year in high school. I just knew. It didn’t happen as I had planned, but I am out of my comfort zone, and that is life. We lose some; we win some.

I wanted to share my experience and how I made this happen with you incase you were thinking of doing the same. Here is my list and I truly hope it helps.

Moving out on your own:
1. SAVE MONEY. (at least for a year & base the amount you want to save depending where you are moving to)
2. Visit or travel to the city of choice where you want to move. (In my case, this wasn’t my first choice, but it’s where I got relocated career wise, but I still drove around the city and got the feels for it)
3. Apartment hunt. (don’t be like me that went for the first choice – unless you get the hunch!)
4. GET A PET (Specially if you’re moving out on your own. It’s so nice to come home to Sawyer and hear someone else in your home besides myself)
5. Plan ahead. (Buy a journal or notepad – Jot down everything and anything you will be needing for your new home)
6. Buy furniture slowwwwwly. (I bought everything so quickly, I already want to change it. Shop at places like Ikea, Target, Pottery Barn)
7. Pinterest!!!! (I knew how I wanted my apartment to look thanks to Pinterest)
8. Prepare yourself to be alone. (This one is hard, but purchase things that will distract you and remind you of the ultimate goal! My distraction turned obsession is cooking)
9. Netflix & Chill or Hulu & Sleep. (You need to fall in love with Television, because at the beginning you will watch a whole mess of it)
10. Don’t lose touch with your friends. Even though you move out in your own city… don’t stay home and expect your friends to come and see you. Stay in touch!

Now, this is my home, feel free to ask me any questions. I’m still getting the hang of this, and I don’t have all the answers, but the learning doesn’t stop.

IKEA: Sofas, Pillow shams, coffee table, wall frames, tv table, carpet; TJ MAXX: Frames, dog bed, wall letters; Books & Books: All the books in my house

My coffee table has my exclusive collection of The Beatles novels, magazines, audio box (not found anywhere, specially made), and my money plant (thinking of getting more plants)

IKEA: carpet, computer desk, computer chair; APPLE: Macbook pro; DISCOVERY CHANNEL: customized world map (given as a present); Pottery Barn/ Z Gallery: Kitchen Appliances 

There’s candles EVERYWHERE in my house & they are always lit. This one in particular was gifted to me by Cream Candle CO based in LA. The fragrance on this one is peonies.

The end 🙂

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  1. Love your space it is super cute ! My next goal is to move out so many thanks for the tips. They are helping me out already ! lol.

  2. I want to bring my rose gold into my new flat (silverware, appliances, things of the sort) and I see that you've managed to bring that colour into your flat. Any advice? Love the little copper basket you have on your coffee table! #ObsessedWithRoseGoldandCopper #HelpMePlease

    1. Hello Dear, I am so obsessed with Rose Gold. I even made my Christmas Tree rosy gold as well. My advice is to shop at places like Target, TJ MAXX, and Hobby Lobby if they are near your area. I found EVERYTHING in these stores. The color scheme in my house is really white, grey, and rose gold (orange/red/copper). So I made sure the color pops all over my house. Hope this helps, good luck and send pics!! 🙂

    1. Hi Lovely! I use a Sony A6000 and I mostly edit using Lightroom, but when I am on the go I usually edit with VSCO E5 is my fav filter, although I edited it as well.