Like Taylor says, August slipped away into a moment in time…

I can’t believe we’re already in September. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? I’m so late on sharing my august favorites but I want to keep sharing these with you, even if I’m a couple of days late.

August was actually kind of fun, almost normal even. I took a day road trip earlier in the month to Key West, FL and I took another road trip recently to Little Gasparilla Island (also in Florida) with a couple of friends for a week! A blog coming soon on that (come back in a few days!)

These next items were my ultimate favorites last month. So I’m so excited to share them with you. You’ll find them all linked below as well.


I am a huge fan of tote bags, I have close to 15 of them (all different). I have BARELY worn a purse this year, but I have made use of my tote bags quite a bit. I’ve used them for my grocery and target runs. I had been dying to get my hands on a tote bag like this one that’s transparent. I found her on Amazon and I loveeeeeed it so much I added it to my cart instantly. She’s so cute! This one in particular brings a smaller transparent bag to use for miscellaneous things. I use it to store my hand cream, hand sanitizer, wipes, you know the 2020 basics. Either way, I think this tote is super cute and useful. It’s also super easy to clean and wipe down. (shop it here!)


I actually got inspired by Pinterest to get these. I always thought of them as old granny sandals, but when I bought these at Target…. Everything changed! I think they look so cute with dresses, biker shorts, leggings, and even when you’re going to the beach they look great! I’ve seen a couple of people use them with socks. I haven’t but they look fashionable as well. They’re also so affordable honestly and you can get them in any color. I prefer black and white since they go with anything. (shop it here!)


There are plenty of leave-in-conditioners in the market and to be honest, I’ve tried a lot of them. I have really thick hair with a lot of volume, so what I look for in a leave-in-conditioner is that it nurtures, prevents split-ins, and helps boost my hair shine. I’m not a fan of humid-frizzy hair, truly hate it when I use amazing shampoo and conditioner but then I have ugly hair once it dries out. This one so far is amazing and I absolutely love the smell it leaves in my hair. It smells like a vacation. You can shop this leave-in-conditioner in Sephora or directly on their website. It’s made for all hair types, which is great! I’m all for silk and smooth hair and I can’t complain with Ouai. It’s also a good substitution for hairstyling spray if you’re looking for one. (shop it here!)


Thick hair is so hard to maintain. There I said it. It really is and I know my thin hair girls are rolling their eyes at me, but the upkeep is pretty insane. Surprisingly I don’t lose a lot of hair unless I braid it or don’t brush it consistent. My hair fall off is a bare minimum. So of course, I’ve gone through plenty of shampoo and conditioners that will help keep my shine and volume in control. I’ve been using Ouai’s S&C for thick hair for more than a month now, and now that I’m almost done with it, I’m so sad! This shampoo comes with Keratin to control and calm the volume of thick hair. It also includes shea butter and avocado oil, which is nice to have so that your hair is less frizzy. I’ve also noticed that when I style my hair, the curls last longer.  I have to remind myself to wash my hair because it does not look dirty for days thanks to this bad boy. (shop it here!)

The downside of this shampoo and conditioner is that it’s a bit overpriced for the amount of product in the bottles. This shampoo has only lasted me for 2 months. I’ve had shampoos that last me up to 3-4 months.


This 2020 brought some interesting trends. One I really loved (besides tie-dye) is the bucket hat trend. I bought a few of them on Amazon and I think they look so cute with ANY outfit. They just give it this fresh summer look. I think even in the winter one can rock this with the proper fit. Honestly, you either love them or you don’t. But I’ve linked a few cute ones for you here (shop it here!)

So what are your fave products this month? I already know a few for the month of September and it’s only day 5 haha. Let me know if there’s any product you’d like for me to try! Thank you guys again for reading my posts, I appreciate you.

xx besitos

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