I fan girl over the fall season, but I always struggle to maintain my skin hydrated and acne free. I live in Florida and the humidity gives me the worst breakouts. I hate putting on makeup knowing that underneath the layer of foundation and moisturizer there’s blackheads and whiteheads that are only going to get worse if I don’t take good care of my skin. Now, I don’t know how it is for those of you who live in the cold areas (secretly, I am jelly of you), but here in Florida it’s humid all year round and the lowest we experience during “winter” is low 50 degrees. So with constant heat, I went out and looked for something that will benefit my skin.

I have an oily face. It is never dry. I always have to be careful when applying highlight on my face, because I look sweaty if I go overboard, and that’s because I have a natural glow on my face. So with this in mind, I went looking for facemasks, spots corrector, and a deep pore wash. Before purchasing these products, I had never heard of Alba Botanica. So I went online and read a few reviews on the products and I only read great things about the brand, so I decided to give it a try.

I cannot lie to you – I love it. Since using this product I haven’t had ANY major breakouts at all. This is coming from a person who breakouts really bad. Now, I get a few minor pimples that easily disappear after washing my face twice with the Alba Botanica’s deep pore wash. I started using it to remove my make up as well and it works like magic.

As of now, this is my every night routine:

Before I do anything, I light my favorite scented candle. I buy 2 or more at a time because I use it very quickly. I am so obsessed with DW Home candles. My favorite one is Spiced Pumpkin (which goes perfect with the season).

Then, I start by simply washing my face with water. I do this if I am going to be applying a face mask before using the products. I don’t like to mix too many chemicals, so I wash my face with water ONLY if applying a mask.

After carefully applying the face mask (Here, I am using the Aloe Vera Face Mask by The Crème Shop) I let it sit for about 15 minutes. During this time I usually fix my self something to eat or drink…

 Or play with my boyfriend’s cat…

After the time is up, I use Alba Botanica’s Acne Dote oil-free deep pore wash. I apply the cleansing gel all over my face using my fingers (make sure to wash your hands beforehand to avoid touching your face with bacteria or dirt). I simply rinse off the gel with warm water.

Then, using the Spots be Gone oil-free corrector, I apply it to any area on my face that has marks from previous breakouts using my index finger. I only apply it to my marks, but you can apply it anywhere really. Every face/skin type is different.

Lastly, I apply Acne Dote deep clean astringent oil-free all over my face. It is basically like adding water to your face with a cotton ball. I love this product because it reduces breakouts. Do not wash your face after applying this product. Let it dry on your face and leave it alone until the next morning.

Usually in the mornings, I use the even advanced cleaning gel to rinse out my face and then I add my moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day.  You can use any moisturizer, but I have been using the Hydro Milk from Previse Care after receiving it from my monthly subscription with Boxy Charm.

I am doing this every night, even when I go out and come back dead tired, I make sure to at least wash my face with the deep pore wash gel. I hope you all enjoyed this post, and please comment below to share your tips how you keep your face looking flawless.

Until next post!

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