I’m as shocked and surprised as you are that we’re entering November (Fall season!) in a few days… maybe when you’re reading this it’s already NOVEMBER!

I’m not going to lie, I’m not very happy about it being November because I feel like this year truly went by in a blink of an eye. I have not crossed off many things from the bucket list I created in early January, and in fact, besides getting out of bed and pushing through my off-days, I don’t think I did anything I had planned to do. But, I’m hopeful. I hope that next year, we can all cross the things we wanted to this year with the mindset we gained over the last 8 months.

There are definitely things that we can do this year for the Fall, from the comfort of our homes OR safely in our cities. So enjoy this list of 20 things that you can do. I’ve done a few of them myself!


  1. Dress in your fave fall style
  2. Go to a pumpkin patch (wear a mask!)
  3. Drink Pumpkin Spice latte or a cold brew!
  4. Roast Marshmallows
  5. Go on a hike or an afternoon walk
  6. Decorate the house for the holidays!
  7. Watch Fall movies
  8. Buy fall scented candles
  9. Bake a pie or pumpkin bread
  10. Dress up for Halloween and have a zoom party!
  11. Have a Fall photoshoot
  12. Wear a cozy sweater
  13. Host Friendsgiving virtually
  14. Host Thanksgiving virtually
  15. Wear Flannel
  16. Go on a picnic in the park (wear a mask & social distance!)
  17. Visit the farmers market!
  18. Drink a wine glass while watching the sunset!
  19. Tell ghost stories among family
  20. Take a scenic drive

I definitely plan on doing this throughout the holiday season. Be sure to follow me on socials as I’ll be sharing this on my Instagram stories!! And let me know if I missed anything as well.

Thank you for reading, besitos. Xx

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