Did I skip January faves? yes. I feel like I blinked and January was over, even though a lot happened in one month. If you didn’t know, I traveled cross-country from Florida to California earlier this year; it was an experience and I talk about it in my latest blog post. So today, I’ll be sharing my February Faves + a little life catch-up!

I didn’t have any faves that felt memorable, but this month I’ve been loving a few things I’m sharing below.

I also started two series, which I know you’ll be loving. I’ve been trying out different coffee shops in Miami, so if you want to check that out, I’m liking the video below. Over on Tiktok, I started a Living in Miami Series which I know you’re going to enjoy since they’re very vlog style-like.



let’s chat about February favorites:

New Moisturizer Check!

I’ve been wanting to try Cocokind’s matcha face moisturizer for a while. In December, I caved and ordered mine. I’ve seen this brand in Target but I wasn’t 100% convinced until a few friends recommended it. Now I’m hooked! It’s the only moisturizer I’m currently using and seriously LOVING! It hydrates the skin nicely and I do recommend you use it in the morning. It’s also not overpriced for what you’re getting so yay for that!

New Workout Clothes!

I have (happily) joined the “new year, new fit” group. To be frank, I don’t have a goal weight I want to reach/achieve or cutting things I don’t want to eat either. I’m trying to continue to eat as healthy as possible, which I always have, but I’m pushing myself to be ACTIVE. I’ve been focusing on moving my body daily whether it’s running or doing interval training. I’m also counting my steps when I walk Sawyer, because every step counts right? So of course I was highly in need of new workout clothes. I’ve loved Stronger fits before, but their new collection is even better!! You can use my code Castillo20 if you want to try some of their fits. I personally LOVE their sports bras.

Side note — my current fave leggings are from Aerie. They’re the high rise and I’m linking them below for you as well.

Hair Clips, please!

I may not have shared this earlier, but I did go lighter!! I also got curtain bangs (yeah tiktok made me do it!) but I am loving the lighter hair and new hairstyle I’ve got going. I have thick hair and it’s tough to find claws that will clip all my hair into a bun. I found these in Amazon a while back and I absolutely love them! They continue to be my faves this month since I’ve been using them quite a bit.

So any faves from your end that I should try? Let me know!! Xx

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