I can’t believe we reached the end of January. They say when you’re either having too much fun or keeping busy time tends to fly. I have to say this year has started off very different for me than other years both on a personal and business level. I’m at a point where my personal life is changing just as much as my business is growing. I think change is very good and I’ve learned to adapt quickly to circumstances presented as I continue this journey.


As you all know I started off the year on a road trip passing through VA, NC, SC, GA, and back home to FL. I posted lots of pictures about this trip a few weeks ago here. I enjoy traveling so much and I plan to do a lot of it this year. If you continue to visit my blog, you’ll be tempted to travel as well my friends.


I was so excited to spend whatever free time I had exploring my own city and trying out new restaurants like Zak the Baker over at Wynwood. If you live in Miami, well you must try this place out. A friend of mine recommended and I have no regrets going. I had their famous avocado toast with a cheese danish and a coconut macaroon.


One of my goals this year is to read a book once a month at least. I went over to Books & Books and made a few purchases that I will be sharing with you as I complete reading them month-by-month. This month during my road trip, my friend and I made a stop at a convenience store and I found The Cinderella Deal by Jennifer Cruise. It’s probably the cutest love story I’ve ever read. The tale of two different personalities brought together by a lie that unwillingly fall for each other in the strangest of circumstances. My favorite character is Daisy. Her independence and her will reminded me so much of myself. She was so dedicated to her dreams that she was willing to do anything to get to where she wanted to. I think what I loved most was her connection with Lincoln. It showed you how possible it is to be with someone who is the complete opposite of you and still make it work. Again, if you’re into romantic novels, this is definitely one that you would not put down. I read this book in a matter of hours; I simply could not put it down.


I did very little shopping this month, but I did fall in love with my running shoes. I finally gave up the superstars and I am full blown Nike Roshe Run (I did an outfit of the day post on this look here). I’m working out at least 4 times a week and they come in handy. Total suggestion if you’re looking to buy running shoes. I also posted a whole meal plan for those of you looking into sticking to your goals this year; you can visit the blog post here. My current weight is 123 and I started with 130. I’m extremely happy about this. Are you keeping up with your goals? Let’s talk about it.


This month has been tough to say the least. I wanted to blog at least 3 times a week to keep you all reading… hehe. I get all the messages and snaps you are sending me (@josscastillo on snap). I wanted to first thank you for coming back, it means the world to me. Also, forgive me for not being as active the last few weeks, but I’m having more than ‘one of those’ days lately. I suffer from crappy anxiety and it’s been out of this world these past few days.

Most special moment was walking this babe at the beach and watching the sunset together. She didn’t bark at all the whole day. I’m hoping this meant she had nothing to complain about.

We all have those clouds that come in and make everything shady, but know that at the end of everything, if you’re a positive person nothing can hurt you if you don’t allow it to.
So with all of this said, let’s keep the positivity going for the next 11 months. I’m signing off now, but here is my favorite quote from The Cinderella Deal.

“I’m stuck in the old me, and I don’t know how to get out. I just know the old me isn’t the real me anymore.”

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