A break is so important once in a while, and to me going home to Nicaragua was the ultimate vacation. I expected cold showers, the light to go away at any moment of the day, no Starbucks stops, loud bus noises outside of my bedroom window, roosters in the crack of dawn, extremely limited wi-fi and a ton of uphill walking. Not necessarily a dream vacation for most, I know, but for me it was.

Between running my blog and my marketing job, I keep myself very busy seven days a week. As you can imagine, being able to disconnect from civilization was a gift. A true end of the year gift to myself.

While in Nicaragua

I would mix summer dresses with shorts, my timberland boots, and my hair unbrushed picked up into a messy bun. While walking out the door and hopping into a dirt bike to the nearest family farm. Where I would hang out with baby cows, chickens, pigs, stray dogs, weird insects, and sleep in between meals in a hammock outside of a barn. Then, I would wake up, eat, and ride horses up and down the hills and into the rivers. I really can’t complain, I relaxed.

Other days, I would stay in bed until very late. Just laying down and listening to the neighbors yell at each other across the street. Hear the loud bus horns signaling the passengers to get onto the bus for departure. Depending on the temperature how windy or warm the days were, I would debate with what kind of water I was going to shower with — very cold or lightly warm if I boiled it on a pan.

I even drove down to the border between Costa Rica & Nicaragua. Hanged out at San Juan del Sur to people watch at the beach and watch kids build human pyramids in the water.

And every day that passed, I would ask myself the same question. How do they manage to live this way and still be so darn happy? I was even a little bit jealous. I was missing the connection between my phone and I while they didn’t seem to care that the light took away their inability to watch TV.

I kept thinking…I should totally be used to this. I come here every single year, it’s always the same thing, why am I still surprised? Then it hit me. There is absolutely no progress in countries like Nicaragua, not while they are being oppressed so people make the most of what they do have. It’s admirable.

I hope that things change in the future.

There are no recommendations for Nicaragua on this post. I wanted to make it very personal, but you can always contact me directly for travel tips & suggestions or you can visit this blog dedicated to Nicaragua. I’d be very happy to help you.

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  1. My hometown is Union City, NJ ♥️ The Hialeah of the NE. I remember growing up always having the best views of the NYC skyline. Loved you blog, my boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Nicaragua soon 🇳🇮 Will definitely write to you for suggestions 😊

    1. Girl, you had a bomb childhood. I wish I would have grown up with NYC skyline haha. Yes, let me know I’d be so happy to help you! you’ll LOVE IT.

  2. Loved this blog post! I can relate when I go to El Salvador the cold showers are the WORST haha but nothing like seeing my family and where I came from 😌

  3. I have felt just like you did everytime I visited my great-grandparents in the campo for summer vacays. This post took me back to my childhood! This is @jennymv30 😚

  4. Cold showers are necessary if you’re visiting the country side of where I was born. Puerto Rico is known for it’s touristy places but I remember my summers riding a horse or walking up and down the mountins. There I soaked in the beauty of nature, and my culture.