It’s no secret that September is my favorite month of the year, not only because it’s my birth month at the very end, but also because it’s the beginning of Fall. You just feel the air changing and the shift in attitudes from people and I always say it’s September’s fault. Everything just feels nicer and welcoming. It could also be (if you believe in astrology) that it’s all the positive energy Libra’s bring to the table; that positivity that is highly needed, especially this year.

I had a lot of favorite moments this September. I was able to leave my house more, as things in Miami opened up little by little, so it was nice. I got to hang out with more of my friends, which felt sooo nice! I had missed being around my peeps. I’m even thinking about traveling again on my own soon. Just an idea, but I’m thinking about it. Let’s see what October brings. I have a few items I LOVED this September, so I’ll go on then…

SPANGLISH Palette by Alamar Cosmetics

I absolutely LOVED this palette so much. It’s been the only palette I’ve used this entire month practically. It’s such a must-have to your collection because of the color palette. I love that it has purples and oranges and they absolutely go perfect together for any day-to-night looks. Two of my fave shades on the palette are Ponte Hyper (delish fuchsia) and Pero Like (an intense golden-peach with pink reflects). The pigment in both is awesome. I’ve created many looks using the palette. I’ve linked it here, if you want to get your hands on it.


I had been wanting to get my hands on a pair of Jordan’s for a while. I used to have them growing up, but I outgrew them and never repurchased until now. Seeing that this trend is coming back in style (cos’ I was 12 years old when this was a thing) I had to get myself a pair and a very colorful one. I love these. They go with everything; dresses, jeans, skirts. The list is endless, and they’re super cute and fashionable. These shoes are definitely high maintenance because you don’t want to dirty them. Since they’re very popular now, the prices are definitely outrages, so I’ll recommend these websites If you’re interested in getting your hands on them: flightclub, goat, and linked here.

WAVY BABY by InsertName

I had been dying to get my hands on this baddie. I love love love styling my hair. Since my hair is longer now (and more on my hair growth here), I’ve been coming up with creative ways to keep my hair healthy, but also explore different styles that I can do with long hair. INH released this beach wave inspired wand and it works miracles on my hair, which is awesome since I have THICK hair. Definitely recommend if your hair can’t keep a curl, this one is it! shop here!


You may not know this about me, and it may be too much info for you, but I (thankfully) don’t have to shave my legs as often. The hair growth on my legs is slower than a snail. This whole quarantining for 6 months had me shaving legs twice a month, which I know it’s not the case for everyone. So, I’ll recommend you a fave of this month, and one I’ve used plenty of times. The Vera Bradley Gillettes. They’re honestly so great. Both the Gillettes and the shaving cream. They’re all I used this month and I loved it!!

DAISY SO FRESH by Marc Jacobs

Let’s talk about perfumes. I’ve been wanting to expand my perfume game for a while now. I bought a few perfumes and shared them on my stories, but out of all of them, I loved the Daisy So Fresh the most. The scent is so charming. I think the best way to describe this perfume is by thinking of a sophisticated smell but not-so-serious one. If you’re into sweet smells, this one is it for you.

Do you have any September faves? let me know below! xx

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