Let’s catch up a bit. I am half way through my fall semester and I cannot believe we are already in October. This has been one hell of a year. I’m crossing my fingers to finish it with two more trips that I’m currently planning. I will keep you posted over my Instagram if you want to follow me on these trips. Anyways, I don’t want to start October without giving my favorite month a proper farewell.
I didn’t do much this September, at least not until the end of month, because I was and I am barely hanging on the load work that is my life right now. Time management and multitasking definitely kicked-in this September. Still, I took advantage of my free time to travel, celebrate, and try something new.
Maxi dress is from Tobi
As a Floridian, we can’t escape the sun all year round. I’ve come to terms that this is what fall looks like in Miami. Do I love it? I feel pretty fortunate wearing this maxi dress.  I half love it I guess.
I am obsessed with Tobi. I love that they offer their new clients 50% off on their first purchase. They are definitely my current favorite online store.
Okay, I am very happy about these. I have been wanting them since my last pair back in middle school. GUYS THEY ARE IN STYLE AGAIN. My 90s kid heart is jumping. I have always favored these snickers above others and I finally got my hands on them in New York at a local footlocker. I know you’re probably wondering why I would fly to New York to buy these shoes, but I was not able to find them online or in Miami. I took advantage of my time and bought them. I have not stopped wearing them. The Adidas Superstars are definitely my favorite shoes in September.
I never say no to trying something new. I am not a pie girl. I didn’t care about any pie… until now. On my recent local hunts, I came across a pie shop. My boyfriend, who is a huge pie fan, took me on a sweet-tooth run to Fireman Derek’s. I think we are kind of obsessed about it, because on the first seating we tried five different flavors (coconut, marshmallow, snickers, oreos, and crack). They were THAT good. If you’re ever in town or live in Miami, go ahead and add this location as part of your food stops, you won’t regret it.
On a more personal note, I realized we need to give ourselves a break. We all deserve a do-nothing-day don’t you agree? I’ve decided to put aside a few hours of my do-nothing-day and dedicate it to the people or animals that surround me on a daily. This October, I will put away all electronics and dedicate time to being present. I feel like we have lost so much present time. I will let you know how it goes for me.
She loves having a do-nothing-day.

until my next post!

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