Where to even start with Yellowstone? I feel like I need to write these blogs when I am there to be able to share all I want to say to you guys, because right when I get home, I forget all about it. Tell me this doesn’t happen to you too? So for today, I’ll share 3 of my favorites moments in Yellowstone and below you’ll have the full itinerary (a HUGE shoutout to Lissette Calveiro from Marketable Millenials for planning this incredible trip.)

So by now, if you’re not new around here, you know that I love hiking every single year and my friends and I always go on a hiking trip. We’ve done Zion National Park, Banff, Alberta, and even Havasupai in the middle of the Grand Canyon. So yeah, we love disconnecting and hiking. I have been wanting to visit Yellowstone for some time, but the flight directly to Jackson is so overpriced that I just didn’t commit all the way. Until, we found flights to Salt Lake City, Utah (a 6-hour drive to Yellowstone!). Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… too long of a drive, but technically not if you stay in Idaho (check-off another state!) And then enter Yellowstone through the west entrance (as we did!).

Yellowstone is such a big park that it may not feel like it initially, but there is so much to see that I would recommend visiting the park for at least 4 days.


  1. Grand Prismatic Spring – The biggest natural spring in North America. It was so incredible to see the spring so close and knowing that right below it is a giant volcano. Try not to think about this when you’re there haha… and be sure to take photos carefully. We had a Bison randomly show and it was magical. 
  2. Jenny Lake – I have a thing for lakes as you may have noticed on my trip to Banff, but Jenny Lake was so blissful. The cool thing about the surrounding areas is that they’re all trails. There is a trail that leads you straight to a waterfall and another one called Delta Lake (a hard trail to hike!) But so worth it! Most folks at this lake spend the afternoon here swimming in the summers and enjoying a picnic in the great outdoors. Tell me that doesn’t sound incredible?
  3. Artist Point – This massive waterfall was so beautiful to see from a distance. There is a staircase that you“hike” down to the falls, but unfortunately for us it was close, so we only got to see the top of it from a close viewpoint. Either way, I would highly recommend because it’s a beautiful sight to see and a fun hike to do for beginners.

To be honest with you, my favorite part of this trip was the fact that I didn’t plan it and that I went along with someone else’s vision for the trip. Yes, you do have to plan this trip out because there is so much to see, you don’t want to waste time figuring it while you’re there. Luckily for you, Lissette is sharing her travel guide with you below:

DAY 1:

An Afternoon in Idaho Falls + The Basins

  • Greenbelt Trail & Riverwalk
  • On the Road by 11 a.m. to Yellowstone West Side (2.5-hour drive)
  • Lunch on the road (We found food trucks on the way!)
  • Fairy Falls Trail Parking Lot for the best view of Grand Prismatic Spring (If needed, come down to the Springs to walk on the boardwalk)
  • Drive down to Old Faithful
  • Dinner in Jackson Hole (so be sure to either book a hotel in this town OR glamp!) 

DAY 2:

Exploring Grand Teton National Park

  • Breakfast in Jackson Hole (WE TRIED CULTIVATE CAFE, SO GOOD!)
  • Mormon Row Historic District
  • Jenny Lake
  • Inspiration Point
  • Lunch in Moose, WY ( or pack snacks as we did!)
  • General driving around exploring the park along routes
  • Hanging out in the town of Jackson Hole/Jackson
  • Silver Dollar Bar & Grill is a cool old saloon with live music

DAY 3:

East Yellowstone to Big Sky, Montana

  • 6 am Schwabacher (It’s supposed to be super beautiful, we didn’t wake up early enough!)
  • Breakfast in Jackson (Persephone Bakery)
  • On the road by 9 a.m. to upper Yellowstone (2.5 hours)
  • Hayden Valley 
  • Artist Point *there’s a staircase “hike” down the falls
  • Explore West Yellowstone (city)
  • On the road by 4 p.m. to Montana (2 hours)
  • Arrive at The Wilson and check-in (we stayed here on our last night/ hotel has a heated pool, super cool for the winter!)
  • Riverhouse Saloon (so cool!)
  • Lone Peak Brewery

DAY 4:

Mountains and Drive Back

  • Enjoy the day in Big Sky Montana
  • Lone Peak Mt. Expedition (so much fun!)
  • On the road by 1 p.m. to SLC Airport (6 hours)
  • Lunch in Big Sky, if needed

We basically circled Yellowstone and ended right back to where we started. We found this to be the most ideal way to get to see Yellowstone as much as we could for 4 days. Below, you’ll find more information about it, but I hope you guys got a bit inspired to visit! I know you’ll love it as much as I did. During our trip, we enjoyed the outdoors by GLAMPING, and absolutely loved it. We did get lost finding the cabin, but once we found it, it was incredible to stay in the middle of nowhere Wyoming.

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