I know you miss traveling as much as I do, and no I don’t only mean getting on a plane and sitting window seat. I also mean the kind of travel that you did in your city. The weekend adventures. I’ve been trying to figure out how I’m going to start igniting that adventure bug again, and I think it’s best we slowly enjoy our own cities while also exploring our states too!

Now, you may not all live in these states below, but I hope it inspires you to find cool things to do in your own cities.

Because I live in Florida, I wanted to share a fun road trip you can do that is isolated enough for you to enjoy.


I’ve been going to the keys since I was in High School and it’s one of my favorite drives to take and most relaxing road trips to do in Florida. On my Instagram I shared a secluded beach I recently visited and loved — it’s called Far Beach in Key Largo. It’s a cool spot to enjoy while being secluded from the rest of the world and enjoying time with family. There are so many spots to enjoy at the keys, but also activities to do like sailing, snorkeling, or ride bike in the streets of Duval, and even safely walk around. I would even advise enjoying some fresh fish from Snappers Ocean Front or The Catch Restaurant and Bar in Key Largo and take it to Far Beach while enjoying the sunset. Honestly, it’s so much fun.



There are honestly so many incredible places to see in California that don’t require A LOT of people. I have family over there and have been seriously thinking about moving there for the remainder of this year. Not for anything crazy, but honestly, because a change of scenery would do me so good right now. More on that in the months to come, maybe I do it, maybe I don’t. I’m still feeling SO nervous about getting on a plane. So let’s see.

If you’re in Los Angeles and you want to get out, driving to Leo Carrillo Beach is a must. It’s probably the first place I’ll visit when I go back to California. This is what you’ll do: you’ll pick up fresh fish (ha, yes another fresh spot & also my favorite) at Neptune’s Net. It’s a lively spot right on the curve of the Pacific Coast Highway. You can see the pacific ocean so beautifully and it’s the best for sunsets. You’ll pick up fresh fish and brews from this spot, and head over to the beach. Leo Carillo is mostly empty all the time, and I’ve done my share of stalking photos on Instagram through their tag and have found it the same – secluded. Which is the vibe we are going for here.


Now, if you really want to enjoy some secluded moment in California, I would say camping in Big Sur is a huge must! They call this camping Ventana Campground, similar to the glamping I did back in Yellowstone. It’s that type of vibe and we LOVE that vibe. I remember driving through Big Sur back in 2014 and it was surreal. I’m seeing that things are booking quickly, because peeps in the surrounding areas may be looking for an escape, so be sure to do your research on Camping in Big Sur. I think it’s a definite must.

And hello, they have Mcway Falls… that does it for me.


I love SO much that Arizona and Utah are covered with canyons. If you want a full list of places to visit with a travel guide, you can read a previous post I made about my trip to the grand canyon and surrounding areas, definitely check this post out. But, there’s two places I think are roadtrip worthy.

In Arizona, You can’t visit without checking South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s personally not one of my favorite spots, but it’s the most touristy one of all. I’m a firm believer that the canyons are better experienced with a good hike like Havasupai (which, is that 16-mile hike that’s insane to do!) The South rim is fun to explore with friends, but even more driving to Horseshoe bend is as beautiful as it is on Instagram pictures. I promise. The view is best during sunset when the rocks transform into this beautiful orange-red and hues of yellow.

And right across from Horseshoe bend is the famous Antelopes. You’re not allowed to explore them without a tour guide, and though I am not a fan of paid-tours, this one is not so bad. It’s the most Instagram worthy shot you’ll ever take – that I know! (I would recommend, Dixie, for the lower antelope tours)

In Utah, there is no place like Zion. As a now obsessed hiker and current photographer, there is no better place to do both at the same time. The views are phenomenal and the hike is incredible. I think one of the most charming things about Zion is the location. Angels Landing has been one of my ultimate favorite hikes and highly recommend it to anyone who lives in Utah, Nevada, or Arizona. Worth the drive, I promise!

What I’ve come to realize is that every state has its charm. So definitely take time to safely enjoy yours. You don’t have go to a restaurant and have a sit-down meal, but you can do takeout and go sit at a park outside with friends and family. I plan on doing this quite often now that things in Miami are getting better. Small steps right?

And please, if you’ve traveled anywhere, you have to let me know all about it! Until next time, besitos.


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