It’s so crazy to me that we are already living in 2018. Do you remember saying, “when the year 2017 hits, I’ll probably be doing so on and so forth…” because I do. I’m still doing it like wondering if Kanye is really running for President for 2020 haha! This year, I anticipate a lot of changes in my life. For one, I’m moving… no idea where.. no idea when… but I’m moving. My lease will be up in no time and sawyer and I once again have to pack our bags and figure out our next move in life. ALL THESE ADULT DECISIONS, but one thing is certain my new year resolution is pretty sweet — it’s called growth.

In all aspects, I would love tons of growth: knocking more doors when it comes to my career even if some don’t open, creating more content that challenges me, growing my family by adding another member with paws, and definitely traveling to countries that will stir my thinking around and change me. Yes change please!

All in all, while enjoying life. Like days where you go for some ice cream to kick back, relax and reflect. Take this day for example, I had so much fun at Sloan’s Ice Cream shop, just look at my face, I was a kid all over again. Surrounded by a wall…filled… with sweets of all kind. Highly recommend if you too want to have a one of these days where you’re not thinking, just enjoying the time being.

To me, the most important lesson in 2017 was to take time to be present, to enjoy my surroundings, and to be thankful for what we already have — whatever it may be.

what’s your new year resolution?

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