How does the saying go…New Year, Same Apps? 😍

How is it 2022 already? I launched this blog almost 8 years ago you guys…it’s been so long, I truly can’t believe it. BUT HEY, one thing that has remained consistent about me is my eagerness to keep up with routines (yes even on my low days) and never, and I mean never, shy away from needing a little help to keep up! So can we get a ‘hell yesss technology?’ HELL YES TECH! I use APPS for almost everything, right Alexa… Siri? So in this lovely post, I’m going to recommend to you a few apps that I truly love and have been useful for me.

I use it every day before bed (teehee!). The app offers sleep stories, white noise, and day to night meditations. It’s helped me with my sleep tremendously, so I highly encourage you to download it. And if you ever dreamt of having Harry Styles ‘put you to bed’ say no more. He literally tells you a sleep story. I also love it because it has helped me with my sleep paralyzes and I’ve barely suffered an episode since using their white noise and nature sounds for bed. it’s been a big win here!

I love a good therapy sesh. I started with a coach a year ago! They always say you’ll know when it’s time to talk to someone that doesn’t know you and can give you some good constructive criticism OR hear you out without judgment. I’ve been using ginger weekly where I connect with a coach; they both help me with changing and improving behaviors that have not done justice in my life. So If you want to give this a try, I highly suggest it.

Nike Run
I am making it a point to run at least once a week outside. And for that, I am using the Nike Run app and I am loving it. It’s been so nice to track my speed, map out exactly where I ran, and also keep track of how many miles I have crossed as I am running, especially if you link the app to your AirPods. It’s great to have this app to help you track your fitness journey!

On IG I frequently get asked which app I use to edit my Instagram stories or reel covers, and I am a gal who loves editing (I think you know this by heart!). I can create quotes, edit photos, make cute graphics all day if I didn’t have anything else to do (seriously!), but since I love sharing and creating, I of course had to share this app with you. Let me know if you’d like a tutorial or something, I’d love to show you how I use it!

Hear me out… I know you probably saw this one coming, BUT I am in love with this app! It’s my new google for when I want to search for absolutely anything. It’s been my go-to for a very long time and I seem to love it, even more, every year! So if you’re not following my boards on there, please do! You won’t regret joining it!

if you’re using any of the apps let me know, and don’t be shy to share your faves with me as well!


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