I completely missed my October faves, but honestly, it’s because October was such an amazing month that I wrote about other things and completely missed my faveeesss. If you’ve missed any of my late readings, here’s what you’ve been missing: my Halloween costumes throughout the years and my fall bucket list (which I’m still trying to complete before the end of the year!), and I even shared a look wearing flannel!

I decided for November, I’ll combine my October faves in here too!


It’s no secret I love wearing flannel and I started right on October 1st and by now, I’ve worn this flannel shirt in various ways. I think it’s a staple piece you MUST have in your closet because it goes with everything: jeans, skirts, as a jacket, as a crop top… I mean, so many many ways. If you’re thinking about it, get to it! This one is from Boohoo, but I’ve linked a few below!


I forget to drink water. There I said it for both of us because you know it’s true. I forget all the time and I have to constantly remind myself about it. I figured with a cute bottle such as this and easy to carry with me everywhere, there’s no way I can forget to drink water. It’s gone from forgetting 100% to a solid 40% and I’ll thank my water bottle and good memory for it. I’ve also Lin led other cute bottles I have in my cart in case you want to shop for cute and inspiring bottles that will remind you to drink your water!


I can’t believe I have waited until nowwww to talk to you about my favorite hand cream. I take no credit for this find though, all credit goes to my really amazing friend Nadine who shared this with me. I absolutely LOVE this hand cream so much! The way that I use it is every time I apply hand sanitizer to my hands, so yes, I use this quite a bit. I take it with me everywhere: the grocery store, while I’m walking Sawyer, when I’m visiting a friend… you name it! I’m using it. It’s in my purpose and it’s the only item I actually remember to switch from one bag to the next. Out of all my faves from this month, this one is my favorite of all. Do you use any hand cream? I think mostly this year I’ve implemented ‘hand cream’ into my everyday life.


These could be the best comfy-running shoes turn every-day shoes I’ve purchased this year. They go with every outfit and they’re awesome to workout with. I also love that Adidas has them in almost every colorway. I don’t want to bombard you with more reasons, but these are amazing!! Haha, linked them below!


If you follow me on IG, you totally know that I have raveddddd about my deep sleep pillow spray. I’ve put all-nighters, I’ve worked all day in bed, and I’ve gone days where I’ve slept like 3-4 hours max this year. All so unhealthy. This bad boy right here, makes me want to lay in bed and relax. I spray this every night to my pillow and tune in my white noise sounds to help me enjoy a full night’s sleep.

I know this year has been rough for so many of us, but I am so thankful for you. I’m excited to end this year with a positive mindset and welcome December with a warm hug! Also wondering who will make my top fav for the end of the year! I’m so excited!!!


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