I must have been around 15 years old when I first drove by Charleston, South Carolina. We’re talking eleven years ago today, and though is has changed quite a bit, the town is still as charming as I remember it.

Though this time I wasn’t on a road trip, I still had one of the best experiences ever. I still feel so new to work trips, but this one did not feel like one. I got to explore Charleston with my blogging sister Gaby from @voguishdiet.

We stayed at The Beach Club at Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina recently voted as the top of Condé Nast Traveler 2018 reader’s choice awards #1 resort in Charleston and #2 resort in the south. As they described it, ‘it’s small and quiet,’ but truly perfect for a weekend getaway with your girlfriends or a special someone.

Whenever I explore a new city or town, I like to live in it like a local. I like walking to the nearest cafe, picking up conversations, and visiting all the recommended spots in the town by those who already live in it. I guess, I like to feel at home, and Charleston did not disappoint.


So many of us who live on the east coast love to take road trips, and I’ve been so guilty of not making a stop in this little gem hidden in South Carolina. The southern hospitality and history in every cobblestone street makes this city so special. It’s authentic.

I loved how safe I felt walking the streets and loved even more the views from The French Quarter, Battery District, Waterfront Park, and the Charleston Harbor. It’s inevitable to feel so interested in the history of this city, so much that Gaby and I joined a parade of ghost hunters and completed a ghost tour our last night. Even the Charleston ghost tend to be friendly according to the legends.


It’s not voted as the number one resort in Charleston for no reason, The Beach Club at Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina is beautiful. The first morning I woke up super early catch the sunrise and a run (something I never do), but it felt so right to do so here. I ran from one end of the dock to the next passing the sandy beach until I got to to a beautiful marina overseeing the downtown Charleston. The hotel so elegantly pairs the southern hospitality with luxury, you almost feel like you’re not in South Carolina at all.

My room was spectacular! Gaby and I decided to fully enjoy this girls trip away from Miami humid weather to enjoy the luxury lifestyle of this unique property. The room felt very royal overlooking the pool and the Harbourview.

Dining options:

  • Charleston Harbor Fish House
  • Bridge Bar
  • The Reel Bar
  • Topsail Lounge
  • Tiki Bar
  • 24-hour In-room dining

Fun activities at the resort:

  • Full Service Resort-Style Marina (Abssoooolutely LOVED it!)
  • Fitness Center
  • Tropical Pool & Deck
  • Private Poolside Cabanas
  • Water Taxi (I didn’t have enough time to do this, so sad about it!)
  • Bike Rentals (So much fun to do!)


As I mentioned before, just go out there and explore. Charleston is a pastel dream. I remembered I stopped in every single corner, but of course, not without first making a stop at The Rise Coffee Bar for some delicious (and maybe the best) Matcha Latte I’ve ever had: oats milk, matcha, and hazel nut.

Must stops:

I hope to go back soon, it was the most perfect little getaway I’ve had this year. Peace, Calm, and quiet, but filed with so much charm.

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