Out for a walk with Sawyer | OOTD

I think it’s crazy how much little things that didn’t mean much before he came in the picture, mean so much now that he’s in it. Just yesterday, I was able to walk him without him dragging the leash and walking me instead. The fact that I have to hide my hands in front of him just incase he decides to chew on them just cos’. How I miss using my phone at my own house without having him bark at me because the attention is not on him. Can you imagine? Am I really telling you this? Guess I am. It’s unbelievably beautiful how this little soul has so much personality. So much I’m hoping he doesn’t ruin this gorgeous dress Simple Retro gifted me. It’s so perfect it fits so well with the theme of my home.
If you’re not familiar with Simple Retro, they are an online boutique. They are very much like Zara, but I’d say a few dollars off.
I matched my off pink dress-shirt with Ash Toms, because it’s rare that I’ll use sandals around this little guy, but you can pair it with anything really. I’m digging the dresses with sneakers trend. I think it’s too cute and very summer 16’

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