I was never very fond of taking road trips while growing up and I suppose this comes from living in Florida. I never did learn to appreciate them, because we didn’t have a mountain to hike or to camp in. The only trips I recall taking were the ones I took to see the ocean in Key West or visit theme parks in Orlando.

A few years ago, I gathered a group of friends and planned an ACTUAL road trip. You know, like the ones you see in the movies of the girls hanging their feet out of the window, making stops in gas stations, living a few days as gypsies from one town to the next? yeah, those kind of road trips – the real kind.

We drove (the best road trip ever) down the coast of California: The infamous Pacific Coast Highway from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Now, every opportunity I get to make it to the west, I try to drive the coast as much as I can, because I’ve grown so fond of this beautiful adventure and since then, I’ve learned to love planning road-trips. I had not been very fortunate to make it back out again, until recently.

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to work with Lexus and drive down this same coast while testing out two of their vehicles. I was so excited because I got to live out the vintage California dream of mine and also experience this drive in a more luxurious vehicle as well.

Driving this gorgeous vintage Lexus up and down the coast made me feel like a total California babe. I was living my best 90’s girl version. The car drove so nicely, I could barely feel a bump on the road.

Now, though I’m all about driving vintage and in style, I can’t compare the drive I had with the 2017 Lexus GS 200t – it was quite the experience. I’ve never been one to give much thought as to what type of car is best to use during road-trips. I’ve always put affordability over comfortability. But woah, this car is sophisticated. I was almost sure I was controlling a feather with the lightness of this car. The most attractive part of this vehicle, and surely what sold me on it was the fuel economy.

We didn’t get to drive the entire coast, but we were lucky to reach Santa Barbara to catch the most outrages sunset ever. I think this is why I love this road-trip so much! The views, the views, and alllll the views.

If you’re interested, I compiled a list of stops between Los Angeles and Morro Bay. These are my favorite, as you can tell by the photos. You’ll have to leave real if you’re making this a 1-2 day trip:


  • Venice Beach will be your starting point
  • Santa Molina ride bikes and ride the wheel!
  • Malibu Farm to grab some food before heading out
  • Leo Carillo Beach
  • Neptune’s Net (my actual favorite restaurant in the whole world!)
  • Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara
  • Gaviota Beach
  • Santa Maria is the cutest small-town
  • Avila Beach looks a little bit like Venice Beach, but do it anyways! (there’s also a paddle board area)
  • Old Port Inn for some sea-food
  • Morro Bay

Don’t forget to tag your photos with #chasingcarpediem. I love to see you recreate photos I’ve taken. I also want to thank Lexus for sponsoring this post, though all opinions have been my own.

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