My best friends and I have a tradition for Galentine’s Day. If you’re not familiar with it, you can read all about it in a post I shared a galentine a go. I think it’s so empowering when us girls come together to celebrate the love we have for each other as sisters, as best friends, as the nasty women (aka feminist!) that we are. I wanted to share one of the many things my besties and I have done together in past years to celebrate this tradition we got going.

We’re very fortunate we live in city where the beach is only but a few miles away. I know this may be a little bit tough for those of you who are not so fortunate, but I still think you can do this if you find the nicest place in YOUR CITY to watch a sunrise — don’t forget to share this with me if you do this by tagging #chasingcarpediem!

I am very fond of sunrise picnics. We used to do them in high school when we would ditch school to hang out at the beach. I remember we used to spend the entire day by the sea. It was so much fun, I miss it.

To recreate these memories, two of my favorite local blogger gals joined in for the fun.

All you need for the best Galentine Day ever is:

  • Wake up early for the setup, so be sure to setup an alarm.
  • Blankets + pillows to lay on the sand/grass
  • Coffee (Starbucks jug or homemade coffee), champagne, orange juice or other for some mimosas
  • Toasted bread, slices of avocado, & jam
  • Fruits (all the berries, bananas, and slices of pineapple)

As far as what to do on this picnic?

Girl talk… about anything haha!

all photos by taken by @annabelsway, edit by me.

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