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How late am I on creating my bucket list? I always create a small list of things I want to accomplish throughout the year and kind of use it as a guide to push me and motivate me to check them all off my list. The first one was to stay home for a whole month doing absolutely nothing. I’m not the kind of person to do nothing, so this task was pretty harsh, but I did it and so I thought maybe if I shared with you my list, it can also motivate you to create one and we can be held accountable in getting all these things scratched off little by little throughout the year.
I never share where exactly I plan on traveling, because then I will ruin all the fun surprises, but I will list a few of the places or surroundings I hope to see. Feel free to share your list below, I will hold you responsible for motivation and I promise to come back to these at the end of the year just to check how many of these bad boys I actually completed.
Here we go,
2017 bucket list challenge:
Travel outside of the US at least once
Go to a festival 
Hike more than 2 mountains
Post weekly on my blog
Video Vlog more than usual
Visit a state I’ve never been to before
And lastly, which is an honest dream of mine; get on a hot air balloon.
Join them, and climb the latter with me! 

Share yours below!


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