Roadtrip to North Carolina from Florida ✨

According to the 2021 predictions by Pinterest, this year we can expect travels again… yep, you read that right. I can’t remember the last time I felt this excited about traveling, but although they claim most travels this year will be a good ol’ roadtrip, I am so ready to take more of them!

I had so much fun on a recent roadtrip I did. Before the end of 2020, my friends and I decided to rent a cabin in North Carolina. The first thing we all did was get tested before leaving to assure we were safe to travel. Most of us took the rapid test in Miami and luckily none of us had Covid19. This is something I do recommend taking before any travels regardless of how this year plays out for the safety of you and others.

For the roadtrip, we partnered with a favorite of mine. I got to work with Chevrolet to drive their latest 2020 trailblazer. A long roadtrip requires comfortability and a car with good gas mileage is a must as well. We loved driving it from Florida to North Carolina. We did a few stops along the way, and the car only required $30-$40 for a full gas tank, which was the best! If you’ve ever driven Florida you know it may feel like forever before you exit the state completely, and well luckily for us, the drive was a breeze because of our Chevy Trailblazer.

Driving outside of Miami for the first time did come with a feeling of nostalgia.

It felt different this time being on the road. While you want to go out and explore, doing the minimal is hard, but we were able to be selective in the activities we wanted to do. In St. Augustine, we wanted to stop by Sunday for brunch, but we opted for a curve side pick-up and lunch at the park instead. I know it can be daunting to think of having to be this cautious, but I think if you want to travel and be safe, you have to compromise a little bit here and there.

Savannah was magical, which is why I plan on going back, later on, to fully enjoy it. I did love the Airbnb where we stayed, it was so cozy, and the surrounding areas are so nice and charming. We had breakfast in the nicest little park (Forsyth Park) and we sat down to eat because of how spaced out everything was.

North Carolina was also so much fun, but it’s always fun when you’re renting a cabin. I added all the fun activities you can do if you stay around this area below. If you want to stay in the Airbnb, be sure to check it out here.

Personally, I think the best part about trips is making stops. I added additional stops you can make to enjoy the trip even more!



  • Craft & Common (good food!)
  • Deeply Coffee
  • Easy Luck
  • Austin’s Coffee Satellite
  • Foxtail Coffee (multiple locations across Orlando area)


  • Bold Bean Coffee (a fave!)
  • Vaga Bond
  • Social Grounds
  • Taqueria Cinco

St Augustine:

  • Sunday (brunch) : BALT so good!



  • Forsyth Park
  • Wormsloe Historic Site
  • City Market

Places to Eat (all takeout)

  • Sorry Charlie’s Oyster Bar – fish
  • Spanky’s Pizza – Italian
  • B Matthew Eatery – American/Brunch
  • Leopold’s – Ice Cream (open since 1913!)
  • Café M – coffees + snacks
  • Rancho Alegre Cuban Restaurant – cuban
  • Monk Noodle Bar – Real Goooood
  • Collins Quarter at Forsyth

Cashiers, North Carolina:

Hike & Parks

  • Panthertown Valley – Hike & Free
  • Sapphire Valley Ski Area – Opens Dec 12
  • Silver Run Falls – Hike & Free (easy)
  • Secret Falls .75 hike (45 mins)

Places to Eat (all takeout)

  • El Manzanillo (Mexican takeout!)
  • Slab Town Pizza (American)
  • Buck’s Coffee Cafe (Coffee)
  • Chile Loco Authentic Mexican (Mex!)
  • Sapphire Valley (Lots of shops!)

Ashville, North Carolina (for a day roadtrip!)

  • Early girl eatery -southern

Tennessee: (for a day roadtrip!)

  • Smokey Mountains – Grotto Falls
  • Smokey mountains

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