Ever wondered what happens to the unused products  that are left behind in hotel rooms? Do they recycle them,  replace them, or throw them away?

I’ve been traveling for quite some time now, and I personally never questioned this in my head, until recently. On a recent trip to Orlando in partnership with  Delta Hotels by Marriott, I had the opportunity to visit their Delta Hotels property where I was introduced to the not-so-pretty-sight of being a constant traveler and the reality of lodging in hotels. There are a lot of hotels that throw away their products – even if they are not used. In return, this creates a lot of waste on our planet.

Which stir my thinking about my travels and the kind of hotels I book. Delta Hotels by Marriott is one the many hotels that chosen to be set an example when it comes to recycling used and unused products that are left behind. They’ve partnered with Soapbox – a brand with a mission to change the world one bar of soap at a time. Creating HOPE!

I had the opportunity to meet Dave (CEO + Founder), whom I personally consider my hero. Dave quit his corporate job to pursue what Soapbox is today. Their mission is simple: For every purchase of a Soapbox product a bar of soap will be provided to someone in need around the world. To date, they have donated close to 3 million bars, and now, with the partnership between Soapbox Delta Hotels/ The Marriott, imagine all the possibilities they have to provide even more change across the globe.

Not only will The Marriott display Soapbox products and help them with their mission, they will also recycle the products (used and unused) and donate them to Clean the World where they will distribute not only bars of soap, but amenity kits to low income families within the US and abroad.

I am definitely more aware of what goes behind the scenes.


I’ve made better judgment when it comes to booking hotels. In all reality, I don’t want to become part of the problem, but I definitely want to join the solution.

I think this is an opportunity for us to choose correctly when we book a hotel to stay. Specially in cities like Orlando where tons of tourist visit on a daily.

Clean the World has a list of hotels that follow this model. I enjoyed staying a weekend at The Delta Hotel. It was close to Disney Springs and Disney parks, so I recommend staying here if you’re looking for a more affordable location. They do drops off at the parks as well. I know it’s already a pickle to find an affordable stay and I may be adding more than I can bargain with you, but please consider the possibility of staying with hotels that are helping our planet and not putting it more at risk.

Were any of you aware of this? What do you think?

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