say hello, new logo, who dis?

Today, I’m launching a new logo as we start to refresh (middle of June) this year. I’ve had about enough of 2020, and I’m ready to roll with the punches and dive in with the changes that this year has brought to my life.

I loved my old logo. It was designed to spread genuine love. And yet, I felt like it was time to evolve. If this year has taught us anything is that change is inevitable and something we have to embrace. I wanted something that was memorable and everlasting. Like my travels and the memories, I’ve created while doing so.

When I think about my favorite moments, they’ve all been ‘on my way’ ‘leading to something’ during my journey’… spontaneous. So this rebrand for Chasing Carpe Diem is meant to do that.

When I connected with my graphic designer, Miguel, I shared with him the color palette I had in mind. I took the colors from a photo taken from the window-plane of this beautiful sunset and it instantly made me feel something. So this logo is looking out or it can be looking in.

The logo is also shaped like a passport stamp in forms of waves. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I have a wave tattoo and I thought it would be unique to add it to the logo as well.

It can really mean so much, yet, it’s so simple.

We worked on this branding for a few days, sometimes, even up to 3 AM on the phone of what I envisioned it would be like… and here it is…

I also knew with this rebrand, I need to update my website. Lurking online (and by lurking I mean going through hundreds of pages on Etsy at midnight) I found Carissa. A web designer and the sweetest cancer-gal ever. She knew exactly what I wanted this blog to be and she put together everything and even customized a few things for us to find my content much easier.

I mean the girl is a superstar!

I’m just in awe of Carissa and Miguel… and what they’ve done for me. Also, so thankful for them. They know they’re stuck with me forever now as part of CCD.

I hope you enjoy this new chapter of this blog, I’m so excited and finally inspired to continue to write the words inside my head (lol!) and to connect with you. I’ve missed you.

I want to do a full video on branding to help any of you who are struggling to brand yourselves. Let me know if that’s something you’d like to see either on a blog OR a video.


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