Sleepless in Seattle

If this is the first time you’re reading about my travels, you need to go back to this trip, so you can understand why my friends and I get together once or twice a year and travel to a new place. If you want to learn a few tips and tricks on how we do it, our budget, and the planning process you can visit @ourtravelersguide on Instagram or ourtravelersguide website for more details.

Earlier this year, we decided we were going to do a road trip, but we knew we wanted to fly somewhere as well. None of us had been to the Pacific Northwest in America, and after exploring the internet and Instagram scouting locations to visit we were certain Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver (being that they are only 2 hours away from each other) were the pick.
The Pacific Northwest is always cold. No matter what time of the year, sweaters and snow gear are going to be part of your travel attire. We weren’t picky when it came to choosing a time of the year to visit, we knew November was perfect – It was cold enough to layer up, but comfortable to hike and climb. We only had about 5 days to visit all 3 cities.
We started from Portland and I have posted everything about PDX on a previous post here. We were there for exactly 24 hours. We drove the Pacific Northwest highway 5 straight to Mt. Rainier. It’s been our dream to hike this mountain to the top. It felt like the longest hike I’ve ever done, and I am not kidding. We hiked about 8 miles to the top of the glacier, but because of the weather conditions we did not reach the top. We were able to see it up close, but I will definitely be back for the real action.
After spending our day in the mountains, we drove straight to Seattle. I really loved that these two cities are so close in proximity. The drive wasn’t so terrible specially because the Northwest has some of the most beautiful sceneries in America.
We stayed at Hotel 5 Pineapple in Seattle. It’s really the cutest little hotel ever. It was in the heart of the city; a short 10-minute walk to the Space Needle, 10-minute walk to Pike Market, and 5 minutes to the nearest cafe/restaurant.
But enough chitchat, nothing like sharing pictures to tell a story the right way, right?
*side note* There are plenty of photos on this blog post, brace yourself.
Leaving Portland and on our way to Mt. Rainier
Car celfies, check!
I love taking pictures in the fog.
From foggy roads to icy roads

It was so fascinating to see how the weather was changing the closer we got to the top of the mountain.

We were extremely excited to enter the beauty that is Mt. Rainier.
The forest has never looked so beautiful.
During our hike, we came across this long stretch filled with rocks covered in snow. It was one of the most beautiful sights we discovered during our hike.
We stayed here for quite some time taking pictures and simply enjoying the view.

I always make my friends pose for a picture. I mean, if you’re hanging around with a photographer, it’s only right.

We call them Freezing Celfies
We were so exhausted at this point. 
You want to keep people around who are willing to walk that extra mile with you. 
We asked a few people for a ride back, and we actually got denied. haha!
So much snow, so much nature, so much beauty
I used ollo-clips to take this picture. I wanted to capture the ice real close.
No choice but to model for the camera

The next day

Waking up in Seattle…
Morning legs or chicken legs
I hate road trips, I prefer to fly anywhere, but I did not mind all the driving in this trip. I mean, look at us… driving and taking pictures at the same. That’s called skills.
Pike Market… PS. I spy someone, besides me, wearing superstars
Seattle was a mix of San Francisco & New York
The first Starbucks ever. (I’m going to let the sink in)
I kept thinking the whole time… “Yeah, I can live here.”
I could spend the whole day here. There’s so much to see.
Inside Pike
You can’t visit Seattle and not stop by the Gum Wall.. 
Bubble gum, bubble gum
This part of Seattle was captivating. I called this the sticker wall.

I call them my travel soulmates.
Early in the morning, a couple of joggers running a marathon. I am not sure how they were doing it in the freezing cold.
One time for the Seahawks?
In case you didn’t know, Up the movie is in fact a true story and the house is actually located in Seattle.
Nothing like traveling with your homies… 

And the next day…

Obsessing over Snoqualmie falls we decided to hike the damn thing illegally.

This is the legal way to take the picture

I can finally say I climbed the top of a mountain. Doesn’t it look beautiful? I caught Sam here posing with the view.
I take plethora of pictures of him

I’ve always wanted to do this. 

This is me… 

When one picture is not enough, you take another one.

This is what happens when you ask Rachel for a celfie… 

Someone is definitely posing up…

You see the peak behind us, yeah we were there…
hiking…climbing Rattle Snake Ridge

The sunset here was so beautiful, we stopped to take advantage of the good lighting.

Arriving back to Seattle, we stopped by this famous ugly troll that was in the movie 10 things I hate about you.
Replaying the scene…
Do you love? Yes, I love you Seattle.

Until next time….

All the pictures were taken with Sony Alpha 6000, iphone 6s, and Ollo-Clips. You can purchase everything here and here.

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  1. Thank you so much inspiring each and everyone of your followers to wanderlust. ❤️ Currently loving Seattle!