So what’s new? a much needed life update…

Hi, there reader… it’s been a while I don’t sit in front of my computer and just write to you. I miss it you know, but I’ve been so caught up in so many projects I’ve put blogging to the very last thing on my to-do list. And this is me being all honest and transparent with you. I know you visit the blog, I see it, and I’m sorry I haven’t been doing much up-keeping around here. 

So where do I start?

Maybe in the past haha.. well, you know when I started this blog I was in college, in a very much long-term relationship, and writing to you was my escape, traveling was my everything, and taking photos… well… that was life. Then I moved to Tampa, remember that? It’s been 3 years since that post. Where did time go? I didn’t think I was going to survive one month living on my own in a city that I didn’t even like, but here I am. Shooting for one final year in Tampa while doing all the things I’ve been doing. 

I still have my job. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? #thecompanywedonttalkabout. Yeah, I’m still very much their rep for the state of Florida, hence, why I’m still living in Tampa for now. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, to be honest. I’ve learned everything from all the things I don’t believe in and also the ones I do (for example politics and why healthcare is important to have in this country). So like yeah, this job has helped me mature. Whatever the hell that means, cos’ sometimes I still feel like that college kid who just wanted to talk to strangers on the internet.

So where am I today?

Realizing all the things I don’t want in my life, I’ve also come to the realization of the things I DO WANT. ALL OF THEM. I’ve had to do a lot of changes in my life to get to where I think is the right path. For once I am certain that the things I am doing today make me happy and not just giving me financial stability… no… like happy feelings. Like I am doing what I was meant to do in this world and with my life… and that’s to create. This blog gave me a little outlet to being the person that high school teacher ince said I couldn’t be. 

“you’re not a good writer Jocelyn”…“don’t do Digital Media or Design… there’s no future for those careers”…

So now after many years of avoiding what I actually love, I founded an agency, Eleven10 Agency. One very lonely night (summer 2018) in my apartment in Tampa figuring out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life…it hit me. So the agency has been opened since April of this year, kept it very under the rug, didn’t tell anyone, and about a month 1/2 ago I launched it alongside some really cool gals. 

I was very hesitant and the process has been A VERY LONG ONE. I even flew to Austin to get inspired haha… 

Right now, we have a few clients like Alamar Cosmetics, Lights Label by Kathleenlights, The Mujerista, The M Space, and well… a few more I’ll be mentioning over on the official instagram of the agency… CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?

Sometimes I thought about waiting till I grew Chasing Carpe Diem a little more to launch something of my own, but WHY? I’ve been waiting my whole life for this. I’ve done the internships, I’ve worked for a few bosses and learned a lot (for example the type of leader I don’t want to be like). We already reached 800 strong incredible humans supporting us over on our IG and that means SO MUCH TO US! I’m excited about the future of the agency and also I’m scared. Failure has been something I’m not good at accepting, but as our new slogan says… we’re in the business of growing where we are planted… so lets BLOOM!

Alright, in other news, I’m still single haha. I get asked this question over on my DM quite a bit. I know if you’ve been following me forever you’ve seen me evolve into this BOSS WITCH, GIRL POWER, FEMME ALL THE WAY gal, but in the very core of me is this very much romantic girl who still believes in fairy love. I’m blaming Disney for this one for sure or the libra in me. 

But I’m a busy gal these days, and to be honest with you guys, I don’t have the time for that and it sometimes it sucks. Today, for example, I much rather stay home and work vs going out. Which has affected me a lot because I feel like I’m losing the part of Jocelyn that makes all of this work, get me? So to bring that spontaneity back, I’m writing this blog.

I want to remind you and myself that we cannot get lost so hard in what we are trying to achieve that we forget to nurture the very important factor that makes everything function – THE “US” INSIDE.

There are so many changes happening so fast, I hope you’re still with me for this ride I call the 20s. My birthday is coming up and I’m very excited about it. I’ll be turning 27 years old. Just wow. How did I get here? So I guess this is the end of today’s blog. I hope you’re following your dreams out there somewhere reading this and that you haven’t lost hope in them. I look forward to tomorrow, but ahh, can we just sit a moment with a cup of coffee and just say thank you for all that we’ve achieved? Even if it’s just the simplicity of getting out of bed because even that is an accomplishment in the world we live today. 


Love you reader, talk soon. xx

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