Swim Week in Miami with The Residence Inn Sunny Isles

When I started blogging, I never imagined I would be doing such things as ‘swim week’ in Miami. Growing up, my dad would drive me around Miami Beach during this time of year and I would pass by Ocean Drive and witness how clustered it was with so many tourist. I felt like a stranger in my own city.

Fast forward to today, no longer a stranger to the city, I felt right at home during Swim Week. I got to experience, for the first time, what Miami is really all about for tourist… the swim, the ocean, the night life altogether. It made me love Miami so much more. So let’s do a recap of this crazy…crazy week where I even got to walk the runway with the best of the best the Aerie Real Girls.


More than I can count, I get asked one specific question about Miami: Where do you recommend a stay when visiting? The question never fails. I didn’t have a place to recommend for many reasons, BUT MAINLY, because everything is either not cute and unaffordable! We Miamians have a saying, ‘I live where you vacation’? And that’s how I want you to feel when you wake up in this city. Like you’re at home whilst on vacation.

I know I found a gem in Sunny Isles during Swim Week, because I got to experience a stay at the Marriott’s Residence Inn – and I loved it!

You know I’ve been a huge fan of the Marriott because of their eco-friendly take on hospitality, and the Residence Inn embodies the message as well. This hotel is meant for long period stays. My room was equipped with a full kitchen, a spacious bathroom, and two comfortable queen beds. Some of the rooms include a balcony, like mine, where I got to enjoy the sunset every night.

The hotel is also right across from the beach where you can also enjoy the sunrise if you’re an early bird like myself. Enjoy the sunny beach and then head to the rooftop pool in the hotel for the rest of the evening.

I was so impressed with how welcoming the staff was, from everyone covering the valet to the staff in the rooftop pool.

The hotel is a bit far from the main scene, but I think that’s perfect! Miami can be a lot when you first come, so feeling like a local vs a tourist is important. Sunny Isles is surrounded by residential homes in the area, so you’ll feel more at home. The drive to South Beach, Wynwood, and Brickell is about 30 mins away, but I prefer it because whenever you just want to feel like it’s a vacation again, you can stay at the hotel and enjoy being in a less crowded scene. You’ll also get to experience a real Miami commute, and oh how much fun is that!

I also recommend a staycation for everyone who lives in Miami. It’s North Beach and this area is flourishing with Surfside being so close. For me, it felt like a total vacation while attending Swim Week. I was able to have my down time at the Residence Inn during all the craziness.

My favorite part was ending my days in the pool surrounded by city lights after having dinner in their rooftop bar. It was pure bliss.


This North Beach area is very much unexplored, because most people focus on South Beach when they first visit Miami. These are some of my favorite spots in the area:

A little drive but you can also enjoy:

  • Mid Beach
  • Lincoln Rd Mall (outdoor for dining and shopping, but there’s also a very cool garage 11:11 where you can oversee the city on the top floor!)
  • South Beach (Ocean Drive)
  • South Pointe Pier (you cant rent some citibikes and bike here!)
  • Wynwood (has become a tourist trap, but it’s worth the photos!)
  • Brickell (night life is very popular in this area)


I had a total blast! If I could compare it to anything it felt like I was living inside a movie. I used to be the girl that would work runways as an intern and create seating charts for them, and suddenly I found myself sitting in not just one but walking one as well! The entire experience felt very surreal and I’m so thankful to the Marriott family for hosting my stay and making the experience even more incredible. I really love staying with hotels that help travelers like myself feel right at home, but that they also help protect our planet at the same time and the Marriott is at the forefront.

I really can’t wait to share all the details about what went down in swim week on a blog post coming up, but I hope you enjoyed this review of the Residence Inn. Also, I can’t wait for you to visit and don’t forget to tag me #chasingcarpediem when you do go! I love seeing you guys recreate photos that I take. Hope you enjoyed this post, love you muchoooo!

*This blog posts has been sponsored by the Residence Inn by Marriott, but all opinions are my own. The integrity of this blog and you mean a lot to me*

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