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If I’m going to talk to you about the alchemist and why I started leaving the book at airports, then I have to tell you the story on how I found the alchemist. I had a huge fallout in 2016, and it shifted my whole life around. I lost interest in everything and I mean literally everything. I remember I was graduating and I found no care for it. All I knew is, I wanted out.

On my usual routine after a day at the beach, I went to grab a bite near Lincoln Rd when I was still living in Miami, and near it there’s a bookstore. I wanted to grab a few books from Paulo Coehlo since my best friend wouldn’t stop talking about him, so I picked up a few including The Alchemist. That same night I started reading the book and I couldn’t put it down. So I stopped myself from reading. I said I would read a few chapters every month until the end of the year. I’m not even sure why I did this, but I wanted to understand it.

In the very beginning of the book you meet the main character; a boy with a vision of a dream, which he so badly wants to achieve at all cost. This residue in my life at the moment, because even though I may have not liked it, I knew that in order to get whatever answer I was looking for without ever asking the question, I had to go out there and look for it myself. I had to follow my own personal legend.

There was a few times where I felt I was close to getting my answer. The first was in LA, I was getting breakfast in Venice Flakes when the guy next to me says, “you know that book changed my life.” We opened a whole conversation about how he was also searching for his personal legend.

*BTW when I say personal legend I am referring to your happiness, the reason you wake up every morning or the reason that makes you – you.

Close to the end of the book in December of last year, on my way back to Miami from New York I found my second clue. I had possibly the worst night ever the night before in the city – my flight got cancelled, I almost missed my flight, my seat was taken after finally getting inside the plane. After all the commotion, the flight attendant sat me executive-class-middle-seat next to two ladies. I was only one chapter away from finishing, when the lady to my left on the window seat says to me, “wow, look at that, I’m reading the same book. I’m in NY following my personal legend.” At this point I was distraught. Turns out, her and I had cross path early December at Art Basel. We were both at the same bar and now we were on the same plane by pure coincidence of life.

here we are, with the same book on the plane.

This led to my third and final moment. At the end of the book, which I won’t spoil for you, I found my answer and as it turns out, it was with me all along. I was my answer. For everything and anything that we want to do, it starts with us, with you as the person. Nothing no matter how amazing moves unless you start walking. So because this book came across during my travels, it’s only right I return the favor. This project can fail or it can succeed, which ever is fine with me. The point is not to expect anything, but to let things take their own course. So I am leaving The Alchemist this year at airports I’ll be traveling through with a little note and the tag #ifoundthealchemist.


I am my own alchemist. I hope you find it in you to be yours.


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  1. This is so beautiful. I loved this story. ��❤ I'm so incredibly excited to read this book. With the craziness that is my life right now. Between packing, nursing, and chasing behind a almost two year old I stay so incredibly busy. But I've promised myself that even if I read a page or two a night I will read this book to the end. Thank you again for this blog. If this is somehow Gods way of telling me I need to be my own legend and used you to show me, then I'll be forever grateful. ❤

  2. This is the most beautiful piece i have read in while. And I have read the alchemist quite some time ago and i agree it has the power to change lives. I will be reading that book all over again thanks to you.