I know I’m not alone in this, but I spend a good amount of time on my phone. Sometimes I don’t even open my macbook to do work because I find it easier to just answer my emails, blog, edit, and so on straight from my phone. Let’s be honest here, you know you do this too.
So folks, I wanted to share with you my everyday-most-used apps. I use these apps like there’s no tomorrow. They’re my holy grail, my ride or dies, my favorites.


I’m on this like ALL DAY EVERY DAY. If you don’t know, but I’m sure you already know instagram is a photo sharing networking app. I got Instagram right when it first launched years ago. Right when Facebook was dying out, I jumped on the gram. What started for me as a place where I can showcase my love for photopgraphy has now become a full business/networking platform for me. If you want to take your business to another level, I will seriously consider creating an Instagram for it. Most people are on it and it’s easier for your business to be out there with the right geo-tags and hashtags. It’s been beneficial for me to grow my photography business and give this blog an audience. So instagram and I work hand-in-hand. Check me out if you haven’t, @jocelynfotografia.


I cannot stress how much I use vsco cam. I constantly get questions about the different ways I edit my pictures and when I’m on the go this little app comes in handy. Most of the time, I use Lightroom to edit my shoots, but if I’m traveling (which is often) I use vsco cam to help me with a quick edit to follow the theme on my instagram. Most instagrammers have finally discovered this app, but in case you haven’t, download it here in the app store. I have my own filters created using lightroom, but some of MY favorite presets to download are The Aesthetic Series A4-A6 and The Alchemy Collection Q1-Q10. If you wan’t a full video on how I edit my photos using this app, let me know below. My current most used preset is The Contemporary Collection. I always alternate the fade, brightness, and contrast depending how I want the image to look like. Visit my grid here.


If you’re into tumblr, this app is similar to the networking site. Most of, if not all, my inspirations come from Pinterest. I look for DIY, fashion tips, exercise tips, photoshoot ideas, and the list goes on. I can go on forever listing all the things I am constantly searching and pinning on my board on pinterest. I think it’s extremely useful for those of you who are into blogging or want to get into the business of blogging to start pinning today. Any post related to your site or posted on your blog should be available to the thousands of individuals on pinterest. It’s such a good source of information. I am a terrible tumblr girl, but I’m all about pinning and repining on Pinterest. If you’re interested, download the app here and if you wish to visit my board go here.


Unless I am in love with the band or the artist, I never buy an itunes album…. Well not unless you’re Coldplay than I have it bought before it’s out on iTunes. However, all my music comes from Tidal. I know most people have Pandora or Spotify, but I’m such a Jay Z fan that I cancelled all of my other subscriptions and moved to Tidal. Do I get anything out of it? Hmm, I got The Life of Pablo before anyone else, and if you haven’t listened to kanye’s new album, whats up with you? I know a lot of artist are releasing their albums on Tidal and most of us get pretty lucky to hear the albums first. Most concerts are live streamed on the app as well. If you’re a concert junkie, Tidal is always releasing pre-sale tickets as well, which to me is a bonus.

MyFitness Pal

The dedication to keep track of what I eat is a REAL STRUGGLE. To facilitate this and give me a peace of mind, I came across this little gem. This app is more than perfect. I have been counting my calories and my macros to know how I’m doing throughout the day. Cooking my meals on a daily is one thing, making sure I’m meeting all my nutrients is another. It’s like updating your Facebook wall about what you ate during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I mean we are already on our phones, why not add what we’ve had so far in the day, and maybe if we get lucky we are missing a few calories where we can just eat anything to make up for it. I love this app. I add every single meal including my snacks. I’ve set weight goals, protein goals, muscle goals, and so on. If you’re starting a diet or want to seriously jump on board eating healthy, I suggest you follow a meal plan I posted a few months back here and while you’re add it download the app to help you stay on track.

What are your favorite apps? Please share them with me. I’m always looking for new entertainment and space to add on my iphone, LOL.

Signing off now friends, xoxo

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