You know what’s the funniest thing about travel-packing? Planning a day and night outfit as if we dress a million times regularly. You guys have no idea… but no idea… how many times I made this giant mistake when I first started traveling. Ask me if I ACTUALLY got to changing into my night outfit? The answer is absolutely not.

I know I’m not the only one, I know some of you are guilty of this as well. I SEE YOU. So while hanging out the other day at the beach in Miami, I wanted to show you a prime example of turning summer dresses (that I love oh so much) into a night outfit as well.

I wore this adorable stars align summer dress from LOLASHOETIQUE paired with their striped staycation sandals to mix and match patterns. For accessories I added the STUDIO 33 Frame crossbody bag.

How I turned this outfit into a night outfit?


Well super simple, I exchanged the flats for black booties (also from Lola!) that go with absolutely everything and instead of using the bag as a crossbody I removed the strings and turned it into a satchel. The outfit now turned into a more relaxed but elegant look for night activities. I could have added a black denim/leather jacket to enhance the look, but I kept it simple because it’s already summer in Florida and it’s HOT!

This little trick can help you while you’re packing for your next trip. It’s all about changing around the accessories and not so much the outfit! It’s less weight adding an extra pair of shoes than having to pack a few extra night outfits. It also gives you more space to bring back home some souvenirs.

How do you pack? Are you still double packing day/night outfits or is there a trick of your own to carry less luggage? Tell me!

If you loved this look, I have a 20% off code with Lolashoetique that can save you some $ if you’re interested in purchasing for less. Just be sure to add JOCELYN at checkout. If you dare recreate this look, tag all your photos using #chasingcarpediem.

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