you’re cute jeans: the 5 trendiest jeans of 2021

You’re cute jeanssss! I know if you’ve been living on the internet for the past year, you’ve heard this saying, especially over on Tiktok.

So lately, I’ve been changing my style by wearing more basic pieces of clothing, mostly because I’m home all the time and I love nothing more than being comfortable. Sure you can totally right!

I wanted to put together and list 5 trendy jeans that go with (literally) everything, and of course, these are also super fitting to the body.

Below, I’m wearing the Levis Ribcage in size 28 for the short gals like me! (I’m 5’1 btw!)


  1. Zara – Wide leg full-length ripped jeans
  2. Levi’s Rib Cage
  3. Abercrombie 90’s ultra-high rise
  4. Levi’s 501’s 
  5. Urban Outfitter BDG High Waisted Baggy Jeans

let me know if you own them and love them! Xx

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