Back to school already?

For as long as I can remember this time of year is kind of my favorite. I take pride in an organized schedule for the beginning of the school year. Today I am starting my last year of college. I am a bit anxious and nervous, to be honest. I want to share with you a few tips and tricks I do every year to prepare for it.
Building a daily schedule is an old tip on the book. I try to maintain the same schedule at least Monday through Friday – Even if it’s going to the gym after school on weekdays or doing assignments on specific days for particular classes. As a senior in college, my courses only get heavier in workload so dividing the work between days makes it a lot easier for me. Another tip I practice is setting goals. Big or small, goals are goals nonetheless. This year, I want to continue to prep my meals as healthy as possible no matter how stressed my days can be – I refuse to binge eat and fall back on fast food.
As for tricks, I am obsessed with agendas. I own one for my business and appointments and recently purchased one for school. I am so old-fashion when it comes to using my calendar on my iPhone. I prefer to write everything down and keep it inside my purse.
As for my style, it changes every time. I am fascinated with overalls at the moment. I find overalls an easy option for the first day of school. Mix it with a crop top or a plain t-shirt along with your favorite pair of shoes (mine happen to be these pair of Asics). I support being comfortable and if my sandals hurt my feet at the end of the day, they must go, plain and simple. I cannot stress how important it is for me to feel comfortable if I’m going to be waking up early in the morning and returning back home late at night. Do you know what I mean?
When it comes to bags for school, I have the worse time finding a cute, simple, original bag. On my recent hunt for the perfect bag, I found this adorable Steve Madden purse/book bag made of polyester. I am so in love with it! I like it because I can use it as a purse during the time I am not in school and switch it over to a book bag once I am in school. I can even use it during my travels to carry my camera equipment since it brings multiple compartments. I give this bag huge thumps up!
I hope you found my tips and tricks somewhat helpful. If you have any questions, you know what to do. Drop a comment & question if you have any… I love a good conversation.

Get my look
Overalls are Material Girl, but you can get them here and here.
The crop top is from Zara, but you can get it here and here.
Jean Jacket is Vintage, but you can get it here.
Sneakers are Asicz Lily Brown, you can get them here.
Sunglasses are from Forever21,  you can get them here.
The bag is Steven Madden, and you can get it here.

All photos were taken by Alex Veliz.

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