I never had the perfect skin growing up and like most teenagers, it brought a lot of my confidence down. It wasn’t so much the pimples that bothered me; it was the marks that left my skin a mess. For many years, I tried everything and anything that you can imagine to get my face back to what I looked like before puberty. It’s taken me quite the time to grow the new skin I love and protect with my life. It’s been a process for me to feel good in it to say the least, but the first thing I did was learn how badly I had to get rid of a few products that were either harmful or just didn’t go with my skin type.

First things first, I had heard a theory that dairy was no-bueno for the skin in general. I think I shared it in a previous blog post, but I loved having my cereal in the morning and I couldn’t let it go. Of course, after this theory spread across the internet like wildfire, I decided to give it a try myself… and guess what? No more pimples! To say that I get a pimple-a-month is saying a lot. Dairy-Free still didn’t take away all the blemishes I had on my skin. So I made the decision to throw away all my makeup – including my brushes (which hurt me so much!) and start fresh. I knew the products that did not work for me for, I knew that when my face was oily and it meant it still needed more oils, and I knew that I had to stick to a morning and night routine no matter what (which, I did and will talk about it on another post!), so introducing a new product scared me to death!


I had my routine down, why mess with something that’s already perfect? The thing is we’re aging. It’s the ugly truth. I’m not the twenty-one year old with blemishes and scars anymore. I’ve changed a lot since then, and as I get older my skin is going to need ‘age-appropriate’ skincare. So I took the leap and tried Sanara Skincare. I’ve been trying their products for about 3 1/2 months now. I’ve tried 2 of their facials soaps – Activated Charcoal and Purple Brazilian Clay while in the shower (they have a scrub texture). The Acai Age Defense Moisturizer (comes in a travel size as well!) and Acai Berry with Rosehip Seed Oil Face Polish have been my go-to, specially when I am traveling because it gives my face a natural glow! These products have left my skin smooth and hydrated. I recommend using the products 1 to 2 times a week for better results.

Most of these products carry Vitamin B and Aloe Vera (which, my grandmother swears by!) As far as smells, they smell like Pomegranate and Acai/Berry mixed – smooth and rich. The body butter is very much like Argan oil and avocado mixed – I use it once a week all over my skin as well, similar to my coconut-oil everything routine.

I’m pretty content with the products and highly recommend them if you want to add to your skin routine. I was hesitant at first, but honestly, I love love my products.

Have you tried recently tried any products that have WOW’D YOU? Please share!

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