Turn Knots into Noodles: A Guide to Hosting a Painting Night with the Girls

Hosting comes naturally to me, so for National Women’s Day, I wanted to celebrate the incredible women in my life in a meaningful way. Teaming up with Darling, I organized an unforgettable evening for my girls and me.

One of my favorite parts of hosting is the planning process. I created a Pinterest board to gather and organize my ideas. You can check it out here. For the invitations, I love adding a personal touch by creating them on canvas. Feel free to reuse mine or get inspired to make your own!

With Spring around the corner, I wanted to create a cozy yet change-of-season feel. I decorated the table with linen, florals, and flickering candles to set the vibes. Each seat was adorned with a painting set and a blank canvas on an easel, along with the evening’s menu, which I also crafted on canvas. I’ll be sharing everything I bought for the night so you can easily recreate it for your painting night with friends as well.

To kick off the evening, we indulged in a delightful Charcuterie Board (inspired by my Pinterest board, of course, haha), followed by a mouthwatering homemade Marinara Pasta as our main course.

For dessert, I served up Lemon Gelato (recipe below) and a Pineapple-filled cake (recipe below), both prepared by me (yeah, I think I’m a chef!). I surprised my friends with a cardigan from Darling, a cozy token of our friendship, perfect for our later activity of making friendship bracelets (also linked on my Amazon storefront).


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Of course, the highlight of the evening was our painting session, which ignited creativity and a lot of laughter. We shared stories, played games, and lived in the beauty of friendship. There’s truly something magical about being surrounded by strong, supportive women. Here’s to many more unforgettable nights like this one, and your reminder to host your own!

Lemon Sorbet Recipe:
Surprisingly, making these lemon sorbets isn’t too difficult. Start by cutting both ends off the lemons, but keep the caps. Remove the pulp and juice from the lemons, setting aside the lemon “conch.” Use the smaller caps to seal the bottom and the larger caps to cover the top of each lemon. Freeze everything for 3-4 hours. Mix coconut cream, frozen lemon pulp, and juice, then blend for a delicious sorbet. Add the sorbet to each lemon and store in the freezer until ready.


Making positano’s famous Lemon sorbets 🍋🤍 #positanoitaly #lemonsorbetrecipe #pinterestrecipes

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A pineapple-filled cake:


Replying to @🍒Prettyreckless88👻 im just a girl 🍒🍰♥️✨ happy galentines day besties!! Tag your best friend to send her this cake 🫶🏼 #galentinesdayideas #galentinesdaycake #pinterestcakes

♬ Storytelling – Adriel

Host your own:

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