It’s so late right now (almost 2 am) and am here thinking about Valentine’s Day presents while I’m watching Sweet Home Alabama for the millionth time this week. Sawyer (my pup) is so fed up with these late night chick flicks he’s chosen sleep over another movie together.

The thing is, my friends and I are meeting to go watch fifty shades to celebrate Galentine’s Day together. Every year, I prepare small gestures to show my love and appreciation for them. So yes, I’m online shopping while watching sad… sad chick flicks. Maybe the combination of the two is not greatest, but there’s so many deals. Ha! I’m sure you’ve been swayed by the $5 section at forever21, or the sales side of Urban. I mean the list goes on and on. So it got me thinking how I’ve never done a gift guide for him & her. So with everything I’ve learned from online shopping (deals!!) and these chick flicks, here’s a few things I know your partners will appreciate.

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