Visiting Little Gasparilla Island in FL

Finally got to visit Little Gasparilla, let me talk to you about it…

hmmm, where is Little Gasparilla?

A few weeks ago, my friends and I escaped the solidarity confinement of our homes and headed to a little island on the west coast of FL, Little Gasparilla Island. The little island is between Sarasota and Ft. Myers. I’m surprised I never made my way there when I was living in Tampa, but I will say the beaches are just as beautiful as Clearwater. The island is only reachable by boat, so if you’re already planning on visiting, don’t forget you’ll be needing a Water Taxi to get there.

The Island has no paved roads, has sandy pathways, and of course the not so friendly summer neighbors, the mosquitos. The only way around the Island is on a golf cart, so if you’re lucky the home you’re renting brings one then yay for you. The home where we stayed did not.

It’s also fun to walk around the beach, so don’t even worry about transportation around the island. You won’t be needing it. We sure did not need it. We never left the beach or the beautiful home we rented.

How to get there, you may ask?

If you’re already hooked and you’re wondering how to get there? well, you’ll definitely have to drive until you get to Placida mainland. There you’ll pay between $40-$50 to leave your vehicle parked. No worries, it’s totally safe.

Here you’ll take a private ferry, which you’ll have to schedule beforehand. When you book through Airbnb, they’ll assist you and help you set this up. That’s how it worked for us.

What to pack tho?

If you like to pack lightly, this is definitely not the occasion for it. So the island does not have ANY stores or restaurants. Actually there’s not much on the island at all. So be sure to overpack, this is the time, but not too much, because you will have to take all of this to the home you are staying, and it may be too far from the dock walking in case you have to.

I took clothing that I could remix. It’s also a beach vacation, so don’t be afraid to be super tropical. I took dresses, coverups, tons of bathing suits… I even took Sawyer, which he loved so much!

As for groceries? You’ll definitely have to bring in everything. What we did was buy everything in Miami and put it into coolers a day before driving to Little Gasparilla. We made a list with a day to day food guide of what we were going to be eating. It HELPED so much! Trust us.

So how was the experience, you may ask?

We had a total blast. The only thing I wanted to do during this one-week vacation was NOTHING. I wanted to relax at the beach, read my book, chill, play with Sawyer in the sand… basically insert all the cheesy quotes here.

Honestly, I’m so lucky that I got able to do this. This year has been tough, this little escape helped so much. I’m excited to do another one soon…

Let me know if you’ve done a road trip this year. I know it’s the only travel we can do that safe, so let me know. Xx

Photos by @legendaryalex and @gabe_media  and myself.

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  1. Love your pictures of the 3 of you on the chairs and legs up in the air! So fun!!! My husband and I are heading down there in December for 10 nights!! Cannot wait!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was here many years ago when their were like maybe 6 houses there on the island. someone there owned a house on the little Island 30 yrs ago I guess.