Oh, how I missed being home. 

I always share photos of my travels and have so much to say about them, and this time, I spent every second that I could with family and friends. I think for this blog I don’t have any recommendations to give you, but one… 

Home is where your family is.

And talking about family, I rode horses in an open field and walked my uncle’s new farm for the first time. I saw how happy he got showing me his dream come to life so I flew my drone to capture his farm and show it to him from up in the sky and he was astonished. It’s the little-little things you guys, I swear.

I met my goddaughter. I know, I cannnnnnot believe I have one, I feel so wise, haha, but she’s the most beautiful little girl ever (in my world at least). I’m so grateful her parents asked me to be her Madrina. I’m in the process of planning her baptism with her mum (it will be in Nicaragua) and we’re soooo excited because her mum and I share a passion for putting events together. This one will be one for the books.

I saw my grandfather. Gave him the biggest hug I could. Also droned his farm and oh my… his expressions were funny as can be. He never thought in his wildest dreams drones would ever come to exist.

I got to hang with my childhood friends. You know the kind of friends you make paper boats with and every time it rains you let them sail away. Yeah, those friends. It’s so surreal to me how we could live miles apart and spends years without seeing each other and a few days together we’re back to being kids. Those friendships my friends are irreplaceable.

So yeah, my time in Nicaragua was everything I always want. I could go back right now.

Traveling to Nicaragua is not the safest and most ideal location in Central America. I will suggest Costa Rica, but if you really want to see it, here’s a blog to help.

xx besos

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