I wasn’t expecting to say this but I need more Toronto. I almost didn’t even make it to Toronto thanks to my original flight being cancelled and due to it being a holiday I almost didn’t get a new flight.

I have to give Air Canada a huge shout out because most airlines won’t give you a hotel room for a cancelled flight. They would make you WAIT. Thankfully, they set us up with an overnight stay near the airport and were able to schedule our flight for the next morning. Whenever you find yourself on a cancel flight, immediately call the airlines OVER THE PHONE, do not wait in line to get your ticket change over the counter. CALL! It’ll be more efficient and you will get your flight scheduled.

So yeah, I’m so happy I did make it to Toronto, but so disappointed I missed a whole day and had to cut my time so short. I’ve always had people tell me that Toronto is the city sister of New York and also that it was a whole lot like Chicago. In my personal opinion, Toronto is like the cool little sister of New York and nothing to do with Chicago. I honestly didn’t want to leave. I was only there for 48 hours, so I tried to do everything I could to enjoy my time in the city.

I’ve mentioned before how New York is the perfect city to visit during the summer, but I can FINALLLLLYYYY recommend a second option for many reasons.

Let’s be honest. We visit NY A LOT. Two weeks before visiting Toronto I was in NY myself, and I felt more relaxed in Toronto. It’s a little bit more charming, because the city has a slower pace than NY. There is soooo much to do in this city that 48 hours will  never be enough. I highly suggest 3 nights 4 days. Also, don’t forget the currency is going to be


I am so happy to recommend these 3 options for you because they vary in pricing and locations. I am also so honored to have experienced a stay in each that I am able to share full disclosure what they’re all about.


This hotel is absolutely gorgeous inside and out! I loved that it has an underground garage where you’re able to park your vehicle overnight without having to worry for parking in the streets (there is a cost for this!). I advise to go with it, because outside parking is a bit complicated, so pay the overnight parking fee. Essentially you will be paying extra elsewhere. The Metropolitan is located in the gem of Entertainment District, so it’s perfect if you want to feel like you’re in the heart of the city. I totally felt like I was. It has the nicest panoramic views of downtown.

The rooms are spacious (specially the one I was in – it was a luxury suite!) where at least 4 people can sleep comfortably. So if you are looking for a place to stay between you and your friends and be comfortable for a reasonable price, I would look no further. All the rooms offer complimentary Wi-Fi as well. The most amazing and unique experience about my room undoubtedly were the heated floors. You know when you get out of the shower and the floor you step on is freezing and then you’re shivering? yeah, doesn’t happen here. Nope. The bathroom was seriously, GOALS! Don’t believe me? I posted a video of the entire room on my IGTV!

Overall, my experience was superb. Reception was incredibly nice and so was the entire staff that greeted me in the lobby, in the hallway, or in the parking garage. Highly recommend!

My favorite part about this gem of a hotel is the dining options. Of course, you have your basic room service, but the menu came from their delicious Sen5es Café (yes, they have avocado toast!), the Luckee Restaurant and Bar which offers all-day dim sum, and lastly (my favorite) the hotel is home to the award-winning burger – Wahlburgers Canada. The best thing? how affordable it is to stay in this eco-friendly hotel. Visit their website directly here to quote your price now!


I need a moment for this hotel, because it was a dream! Hotel X has a wealth of amenities and I absolutely loved staying here. From the hotel room with one of the most iconic Toronto views to the stunning rooftop pool ‘The Pond’ gave me a whole 360 view of the city. Located in Downtown, steps away from the most popular attractions in Ontario Place and Downtown Toronto, Hotel X is a must!

The hotel has the only tri-level rooftop skybar in Toronto with areas dedicated to pilates, spinning, and yoga just steps away from even more views! The hotel offers free transportation to Union Station as well. Every plant inside this gorgeous gem was real and surreal! Even the beautiful lobby’s green wall was filled with living plants. If you’re a puppy owner like myself, Hotel X is pet-friendly too! I would recommend this gem to families traveling to Toronto and are on a mission for elegance and unmatched views.

If you’re into resorts and such, this hotel feels like one. Specially, with their cinema and screening room. They’ve got more than one dining option — Maxx’s Kitchen, The Nest (skybar), in door Starbucks ( yep!), Library Club Lounge, The Perch (skybar), Lobby Bar (yep! right at check-in), Nespresso Cafe, Petros 82 (opening soon!) and of course, in-room dining. I mean, it’s an oasis!

If you’re considering Toronto for your honeymoon or a summer getaway, I highly recommend a stay at the X.


If you’re a fan of any of the Marriott hotels, I may have found you one in Toronto you cannot resist a stay. Another pet-friendly stay, Delta Hotels has an impressive waterfront view of Toronto. Some of my favorite amenities include their indoor pool, their 24 hour gym, the restaurants, but most importantly, how close and in front of the CN tower this hotel is. One of the main reasons I recommend a stay here is mostly for their Soco Restaurant in the top floor. The service is amazing!

I have previously stayed at a Delta Hotel before, and I am highly impressed with their eco-friendly take on the environment and hospitality. The Marriott has been on a mission to help keep our planet sustainable. If you want to learn more about it, I’ve written a whole blog post dedicated here.

I highly recommend staying at any of these gems, it was a true pleasure visiting them all.


As I mentioned, Toronto was amazing! I wish I had more time to adventure in the city, but I know it welcomes everyone because of how nice everyone is. I’m so happy I found another city to visit during the summer, one so close to home but outside the US that everything will be new.

I can’t wait to visit Toronto again, I fell in love with the small city. It’s not extremely hot like NY, there’s no tolls (anywhere!), and everything feels a lot cheaper because the dollar is worth more! I also can’t wait for you to visit and don’t forget to tag me #chasingcarpediem when you do go! I love seeing you guys recreate photos that I take. Hope you enjoyed this post, love you muchoooo!

*This blog posts has been sponsored by the hotels mentioned above, but all opinions are my own. The integrity of this blog and you mean a lot to me*

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